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10 Things you Must Know before Purchasing an Above Ground Pool


  1. Beach sand as a pool base will erode.  Stone Dust is far superior to beach sand as a pool base.  When it comes to install, only use stone dust as it packs like cement - it should be hand troweled.
  2. The pool liner is the most important part of your pool! Liners that are made in the USA are thicker and tougher than imports and are not made of recycled vinyl.  Only buy liners made in the USA.
  3. Aluminum pools will corrode, "pit" and turn into a white milky substance.  Aluminum pools are also much higher priced than steel and will oxidize.  Steel is by far the material of choice for an above ground pool. To view the Above Ground Pool with Inground Attitude and Lifetime Transferable Warranty see our Radiant Pools here.
  4. Installing a floor pad will cushion the liner and protect it from the earth, extending the life of your liner.  Always buy a pool with a floor pad.
  5. DE Filters are the finest in particle filtration - down to 2 microns and can remove iron and copper.  If you fill your pool with well water, a DE filter is a priceless investment!  A cartridge/element filter only filters to 10 microns and a sand filter is 20 microns.  Buy a DE filter from Sta-Rite.
  6. Thermo-Wall is a product that provides effective heat insulation in your pool wall. It creates a solar blanket all around the pool wall at a reasonable price.  Buy Thermo Wall and lengthen your swimming season.
  7. Sanitizing your pool is important to the safety and well-being of you family.  Use Enjoy brand sanitizer, making your water healthy and inviting.  It is by far the safest and easiest product to use on the market.
  8. ONLY buy from a swimming pool company with a good reputation (check out their BBB rating) and a storefront.  There is no substitute for being able to speak directly to your salesperson about ANY of your needs of concerns.
  9. Buy quality products.  Imports may have a cheaper price tag, but won't last as long.  In the long run imports will cost you much more in money, time & aggravation.
  10. Know your installer - ONLY allow a licensed and insured contractors on your property!  Ask for references.  Also, make sure the installer uses a full patio block (not half) on the uprights.  Don't Skimp.

10 Things you must know before buying an Above Ground Swimming Pool