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Accu Chem Alkalinity Rise 25 Lb

Accu Chem Alkalinity Rise 25 Lb

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Accu Chem Alkalinity Rise, 25 Lb

Alkalinity Rise Pool Chemical Features

  • Alkalinity increaser
  • 100% sodium bicarbonate
  • Doesn't raise pH levels
  • Keeps pool free of damage
  • Helps maintain a safe swimming environment

Having a pool with low Total Alkalinity can cause corrosion, plaster stains or etching, and irritation to swimmers. Leslie's Alkalinity Up quickly balances water chemicals, creating a safe swimming environment. The ideal ranges for any pool, regardless of size, should be between 7.4 and 7.6 for pH, and between 80 and 140 ppm for Total Alkalinity. We you spend time and effort to maintain a balanced pH level, and do not want to add chemicals that can disrupt this balance. Alkalinity Rise will correct problems with Total Alkalinity deficiency while preserving your pH balance.

Keeping a Total Alkalinity level between the recommended 80 and 140 ppm will make it very easy to maintain a constant pH balance. Total Alkalinity is necessary to keep your pH levels balanced, and low Total Alkalinity can also cause damage to pools and irritation for swimmers.

Accu-Chem Alkalinity Rise is a product used to increase the alkalinity level in swimming pool water. The alkalinity level is an important parameter to maintain in pool water as it helps to prevent sudden changes in pH, which can cause damage to the pool and be uncomfortable for swimmers. To use Accu-Chem Alkalinity Rise, the pool owner should first test the alkalinity level of their pool water using a testing kit. If the alkalinity level is below the recommended range (typically between 80-120 ppm), the owner can add the Alkalinity Rise to the pool in the recommended dose based on the pool size and current alkalinity level.

The product is usually available in granular form and should be added to the pool while the pump and filter system are running. It is important to distribute the product evenly across the pool, and wait for at least four hours before retesting the alkalinity level and making any further adjustments. As with all pool chemicals, it is important to handle Accu-Chem Alkalinity Rise carefully and follow the instructions on the product label. Protective gear should be worn, and the product should be stored safely out of reach of children and pets.