Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover Plus 32 Oz., PHOS+QT

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Biodex PHOS+QT Phosphate Remover Plus; 1 qt 

Phosphate Remover Plus + is a heavy duty, fast-acting product that will work immediately on contact to eliminate phosphate. Phosphate removers have been know to be very helpful in maintaining clear water when high phosphate levels are present and water problems are persistent. This product is non-hazardous, non-toxic and swimming can resume immediately after application. The addition of Phosphate Remover Plus does not interfere with or reduce chlorine levels. It is compatible with all sanitizing systems, filter media and regular water chemistry.


  • Removes phosphates immediately on contact
  • Can be used regularly to control high phosphate problems
  • Heavy duty and fast acting
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • One bottle will remove 6,000 parts per billion (PPB) of ortho-phospates per 10,000 gallons of water
  • 32 ounce bottle