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15 Best-Selling Fiberglass Pools in New England

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/02/2020

15 Best-Selling Fiberglass Pools in New England

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

A linear fiberglass pool is a timeless choice for your backyard. A true classic shape, elevating your home’s exterior aesthetic with an inground pool design that can be simple and straight-forward or it can be accessorized and embellished. A rectangular fiberglass pool has clean lines and is the optimal shape for a lap pool. A fiberglass rectangle is full of beauty and class yet remains so simple.

As part of our Top 15 Fiberglass Pools we offer 7 brilliantly sculpted rectilinear designs varying in size and functionality. All of these pools are auto cover ready and can be outfitted with different color options, water features, mood lighting, a heater, a UV system and lots more. Accessories help to truly customize your fiberglass swimming pool for what works the best for you, your family, and your backyard.

Monaco Fiberglass Pool

The Monaco is the essence of enjoyment, it removes all the unnecessary elements and focuses on only what needs to be there, generous in size and elegant in design. It measures 16' x 40' with a depth ranging from 3' - 6" to 8'.

Barcelona Fiberglass Pool

The Barcelona is the perfect rectangle shape with defining clear edges and purposeful curved stairs designed for fun and relaxation. It checks in at 16' x 38' and had depths starting at 3'-6" and going to 7'.

Olympia Fiberglass Pool

The Olympia is brilliant for functionality, with a clear, clean and uncluttered design. It is the place to be for long hot summer days with family and friends. Measurements for this model are 16' x 35' and depths are 3'-6" to 6'-6".

Corinthian Fiberglass Pool

When considering the Corinthian design, think simplicity, refinement and functionality. The perfect pool to soak up the sun all day long. The Corinthian has a size of 15' - 10" x 40' and a depth from 3' - 6" to 7'.

Majesty Fiberglass Pool

The Majesty is brilliant for functionality, with a clear, clean and uncluttered design it is the place to be for long hot summer days with family and friends. The Majesty reigns supreme at 14' x 30', and depths of 3'-6" to 6'.

Empress Fiberglass Pool

The Empress is brilliant for functionality, with a clear, clean and uncluttered design it is the place to be for long hot summer days with family and friends. The Empress is an impressive design measuring 12' x 16', Depth 3'-6" to 5' - 6"

Milan Fiberglass Pool

Get refreshed when you plunge into the fiberglass plunge pool also known as the Milan! Designed for the ultimate cool down experience on the hottest of summer days. This plunge pool checks in at a very manageable 10' x 16', with a depth of 4' which is perfect for this type of pool.


Offering 7 different rectangular pool sizes means that we also offer 8 others in the freeform type. A freeform pool has curved walls which give a pleasing visual look, while a pool that is linear provides for the maximum amount of pool within that same space. If you are thinking about integrating your pool into a small backyard landscape complete with decking, tables, and chairs, then those curved spaces may provide that extra poolside room you desire. We offer the following freeform fiberglass pools:

Aruba Fiberglass Pool

The Aruba is a free form shape that does not follow a particular structure. It does however, offer a beautiful contoured shape with dimensional swells and dips for fun for the whole family. The Aruba has measurements of 11' x 22', Depth 3' - 6" to 5'

Cape Cod Fiberglass Pool

The Cape Cod pool model is a lagoon shape free form fiberglass pool with 3 built-in corner curvilinear entry/exit steps, seating bench at the deep-end of the pool and a small seating bench at the entry/exit point. This pool has a ledge for swimmer’s use and to also increase the structural integrity of the pool. It has a bottom that gradually slopes over to the deeper end which is more convenient for the user’s experience. It features a 3’6" shallow end with gradual slope down to 6’, and deep end safety bench seat. A grand walk in step with large extended bench seat offers easy entry.

Caribbean Fiberglass Pool

Owning the Freeform Caribbean is like being on a permanent vacation. Just like being in the islands, it’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the place to be. Measuring in at 16' x 40', it has a depth ranging 3' - 6" to 6' - 6".

Bermuda Fiberglass Pool

The Bermuda is another amazing choice within the freeform family. It’s medium sized, is both organic and curvy along with the ability to go well with modest architecture. It’s 12’ x 26’ and starts at 3’-6” going all of the way to 5’-6” deep.

Laguna Fiberglass Pool

The Freeform Laguna measures in at 14' x 30', with a depth of 3' - 6" to 6'. The low profile of a Ranch-style home lets it blend in with its surroundings. The curving, organic shape of this Laguna pool does the same. Tt’s got great dimensions for family fun or a full-blown pool party.

Cancun Fiberglass Pool

It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be and the Cancun delivers. It measures 16' x 35', has a depth of 3' - 6" to 6' - 6" and blends well with most backyard design schemes. The Cancun has got plenty of room for family and friends.

Fiji Fiberglass Pool

Like a magnet, the Fiji encourages everyone to come together for supreme fun and enjoyment. Its measurements are 15' x 34', with a depth 3' - 6" to 6'. It would be a great edition to your backyard

Coronado Fiberglass Pool

The Coronado has a serious wow factor, the curved steps open up to endless fun and relation in this expansive pool 15' x 34', Depth 3' - 6" to 6' - 6"

Fiberglass pools are already the swimming pools of tomorrow. Endless possibilities allow for custom accessories and unique ways of making your backyard dreams your own. If you would like to get the pool conversation started, contact us today!

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