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4 Reasons to Purchase a Radiant Pool

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/06/2021

4 Reasons to Purchase a Radiant Pool

Are you researching pool options and asking yourself, "Why should I purchase a Radiant Pool?" Radiant pools provide you with many possibilities helping to complete whatever your backyard vision may be. Offering superior manufacturing, an unmatched warranty, limitless installation options, and incredible energy savings, Radiant pools are a step above with features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Radiant Design - Innovation and Superior structural integrity. Engineered from technology that was originally developed for the space program. The walls are an incredible 2” thick and insulated with a polystyrene material.

Radiant Insulation – Radiant’s wall panels are R-10 insulated and work incredibly well resisting heat loss. They have an aluminum skin on both the front and back of each structural panel. They work better than most other pool walls and keep water temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer. This comes into play even more if you have a heater running and can help keep your energy costs down.

Radiant Versatility – Your backyard can present all different types of challenges for swimming pool installation but Radiant pools rise up to meet that challenge. Radiant pools can actually be installed inground, above ground, semi-inground (like into the side of a hill), any anything in between.

Radiant Warranty – Radiant offers a full lifetime warranty that is transferable and the metric series also protects against winter damage which is really important in areas of the country with wild winter weather. If you install your pool above ground and decide to sell it, you can actually transfer the warranty to the new owner. The same goes for inground installation. If you sell your home along with the pool, that warranty transfers as well.

When all of these wonderful options are combined, the result is a pool that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing for many many pool seasons to come. Interested in getting the Radiant conversation started? Contact our team and jump on in today!

In the below video, Tim McDonough, National Sales Manager for Radiant Swimming Pools stops by our Plaistow, NH retail location to discuss how Radiant Swimming Pools stand out in a crowd.