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Do Fiberglass Pools Look Modern?

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/19/2019

Do Fiberglass Pools Look Modern?

Years ago, when fiberglass pools were first being developed, their appearance was far from where it is today. Now, decades later, through science, development, time, and a passion for perfection, fiberglass pool manufacturers have harnessed technology and created pool models that are elegant with a style that makes you want to put one in your backyard.

Fiberglass pools are more affordable than gunite (cement) and have a lower cost of ownership over time than other types of pools. Less chemical use, less scrubbing, and less energy consumption all come together to provide you more savings, more relaxing, and more time enjoying your pool.

In today’s market, fiberglass pools are of the highest quality. These pools look absolutely beautiful while remaining resilient through many decades. Fiberglass pools are known for having limitless design options utilizing water features and accessories while integrating well with patio materials, hardscapes, and everything else that is backyard.

It’s true that modern fiberglass pools have almost nothing in common with some of their earlier designs. Current models are sleek and compete with any other pool type when it comes to having a sense of style and character. There really are so many different choices for shape, size, color, accessories, and water features that it allows you to break out of any perceived cookie cutter mold and get to a functional look that best represents you and your own sense of style.

Like many other areas within the pool industry, the installation of fiberglass pools has also come a very long way. Modern pool contractors use techniques that make your new backyard swimming pool be a cherished focal point while looking more like a quality resort than a cheap motel. How is this look accomplished you may ask? The use of quality materials in both the pool and the surrounding area would be the answer. Thick walls ensure rigidity and a quality gelcoat keeps the pool free from scratches while remaining vibrant.

Many different types of patios and coping are also readily available. One of the biggest advances in recent fiberglass pool installations is the practice of cantilevered coping. This involves pouring concrete onto the top of the pool edge above the water line and then rounding the edge that was created. This style of coping gives the pool a finished look that’s very elegant. Other coping methods involve pavers or natural stone helping to create a well-finished high-end edge and go toward eliminating techniques from times gone by.

Additional features of modern fiberglass pools include built-in tanning ledge, seating in the deep end, as well as the possible addition of prominent water features like fountains or bubblers. Materials such as stamped concrete, travertine, pavers, or even natural stone would all go a long way in the creation of a modern patio. When the patio around the pool is well designed, the finished product is truly a thing of beauty. Your modern fiberglass pool and the surrounding areas really do have the ability to look exactly how you want them to.

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