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DURA-SHIELD by Strong Spas

Published by Matt Fichera on 09/03/2019

DURA-SHIELD by Strong Spas


Strong Spas has a constant desire to innovate and improve which is only eclipsed by their desire to continuously provide quality products.

Strong Spa is proud to let you know that they are best in their class for durability. The patented DURA-SHIELD hard cover protects your spa from the top down. It’s designed to insulate and protect the spa for a lifetime. They use special polymers that are then molded to form a true hardcover. This cover, which is molded hollow, is filled with a proprietary foam that assists in protecting against harsh environments while also helping retain heat. It is a work of art that benefits the product and its owner in many positive ways.

Why the DURA-SHIELD you may ask?

The DURA-SHIELD hardcover truly is worry free. It is an investment in the life of your spa as you never have to worry about things like heavy snow or falling branches. The cover will support over 1,000 pounds easily. This spa cover is not an aftermarket part and is an integral part of the product saving you money in heating costs as well as eliminating any need to replace covers. With most spa brands that utilize a foam cover, it’s not atypical to go through 3 covers in 10 years. This need comes from the foam cover absorbing water and becoming extremely heavy to the point you can’t move it. This then impedes quick access and gets in the way of enjoying your investment. Continuously having to replace a foam cover also is felt in your wallet.

The  DURA-SHIELD is the very last cover that you will ever need. Landfills take in hundreds of thousands of lower grade vinyl covers year in and year out. Spa owners are basically forced into purchasing replacement soft covers and are held hostage simply because of the materials that are used to construct these covers. What are known as “soft covers” repeatedly retain moisture and are exposed to things like rot and mold which have no business being near a hot tub. These covers deteriorate every couple of years and you are made to get a new one because you cannot leave you spa and the water inside of it, exposed to the elements. The DURA-SHIELD solves this relentless issue and in-turn helps to ease stress on landfills and the environment overall.

The DURA-SHIELD spa cover by Strong Spas is backed by a lifetime warranty, is factory-installed, patented, lockable, and designed to protect against unwanted child and pet entry. An adult is able to lock the cover down when not in use but still able to quickly access for use whenever.

The DURA-SHIELD is Energy Efficient reducing operating costs and saving energy usage throughout its life. The construction of the cover when combined with the other design aspects of the spa keep it hot and ready to use while maintaining the same R-value throughout the years.

Ease of Use

It really is simple, quick, and easy to go from “zero to ahhh” in as little as 30 seconds!

Simply unlock it and pull the ultra-lift system. It is as easy as opening a car door. When the spa cover is locked it secures the spa and keeps your loved ones safe (people and pets) The DURA-SHIELD outlasts all climates helping you enjoy a peaceful getaway at your home for many, many years.

The Ultrastrong™ is a convenient CoverLift system that is just as easy to open as a car door is. Taking full advantage of this cover lifting system erases any barriers to entry and allows you the ability to access your pool very quickly.

Full Automation

Since 2008,  Strong Spas has never stopped innovating. They have remained steadfast and taken many positive measures to improve the DURA-SHIELD for all of the reasons that we’ve discussed. The culmination of these efforts happened in 2018 when the company released their first fully automated HardCover. They’ve taken the many positive attributes of the hardcover including its durability and strength and paired it with a system that is fully automated. A simple turn of a gets you effortless opening and closing. This automated system is a spa industry first, is constructed from OEM parts, and is UL approved for safety.

Strong Spas combines resilience with strength, security and breath-taking beauty. This cover requires minimal maintenance while being crafted to last. An owner who goes with a DURA-SHIELD has convenience every day and saves money over time while never having to replace the spa’s cover.