ENJOY! A Chlorine Alternative That's Easy to Use.

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ENJOY! is a great pool care product manufactured by N. Jonas. It’s a convenient and easy way to keep your pool clear and sanitized. Using 80% less chlorine than alternatives and positioned in a very easy to use 2 step monthly process, it’s perfect for worry-free pool water treatment.

The first step is called “once a week” and gets added to the pool skimmer once every week. The second part consists of silver briquettes which you drop into the skimmer basket monthly and allow the filter to run for 24 hours while they dissolve. You don’t have to always be adding tablets to the chlorinator or the floater, all that needs to happen is to let those silver briquettes dissolve and you are good to go for an entire month.

The silver briquettes in this case are classified as a passive sanitizer in that they work to keep the water clean and clear during daily usage. They are dissolved in the skimmer and last all of the way through an entire month. The packets that are for weekly use are a form of pool shock and work to oxidize any buildup from the pool being used.

Another great thing is that ENJOY! comes in four different sizes depending on how many gallons of water are contained in your pool. The contents of the box never change only the amounts used, so there is no confusion over the steps. One-month kits conveniently come in sizes for 10,000, 15,000, 20,000- and 30,000-gallon pools. If you prefer, you could also buy in bulk, and split up the larger boxes to be used in a smaller pool for a longer amount of time. Regular users of ENJOY! will still have to balance their pools for such things as pH and alkalinity.

Because this system is free of chlorine and deemed more natural, some people prefer it. ENJOY! Uses less chemicals and is softer on the skin while being just as effective. Just follow the simple instructions to spend less time caring for your pool and more time relaxing in it.

ENJOY! It really is that simple.  Take a look here: https://www.eztestpools.com/chlorine-alternatives/

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