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E-Z Test Pools In-Ground Liners – Let the Pool Professionals Install Your New Liner

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 10/17/2017

E-Z Test Pools In-Ground Liners – Let the Pool Professionals Install Your New Liner

Is it time for a new liner for your in-ground pool? If you are considering changing the liner, there are certain factors you need to consider. After all, your goal should not only be a sharp looking pool, but also a liner that will give you many years of enjoyment! Choosing someone who takes short cuts, rushes the job, and offers the cheapest price may look good initially, but in the end you will likely regret your hasty choice. Avoid the regret. Choose only pool professionals who know what it takes to do it right…the first time.

Enter E-Z Test Pools! We have well over 35 years in business, take fierce pride in our work, and have developed an approach to ensure that your in-ground pool liner is installed to last. We take it so seriously that all of our retail stores have pictures of actual customers’ liners we’ve done over the years covering the walls on display! For us it is a matter of professionalism and pride.

Our approach comes down to using only quality products, proper fit, and finish. Let’s discuss what makes for a good fit to your liner. A good fitting liner starts with an accurately performed measurement. Since every pool is as unique as its owner, there is no substitute for a proper measure. From there the quality of liner used is another major factor. We use only American-made Kafko brand liners (in business for over 40 years), made from only virgin vinyl (absolutely no recycled content) for maximum elasticity and fit. Next we refinish the pool bottom under the liner using stone dust, vermiculite or cement as needed. In order to achieve proper finish there are other details that need to be done. We also add a 1/8” foam pad to the walls and the floor of the shallow end of the pool, giving a good feel to the liner and preventing excessive wear and damage to the liner over the years. For the finishing touch and a clean look to the job, we replace the main drain, skimmers, return jets/fittings, face plates and gaskets.

There’s still more to a liner change than you may think, however. Below the liner other conditions may need attention. High groundwater levels (even if this was not a problem previously) may change and need attention. French drains may be necessary if there is high ground water, which direct water away from the pool bottom.

Once again, each pool is unique but some base pricing is applicable. They are as follows:

Some additions to standard pricing would be form-fit vinyl stairs, special pool shapes (oval, kidney, or free-form), and heavier mil liner options.

Although, this blog is meant to give a general overview of the process, pricing and details of an in-ground liner change, please feel free to contact us for further details. We firmly believe that if given the chance to change your family’s in-ground pool liner, you’ll see the level of quality we offer and will not regret allowing true pool professionals care for your pool.