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Fiber Fuel Wood Bricks

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/07/2019

Fiber Fuel Wood Bricks

Fiber Fuel is a wood brick that is environmentally friendly and is used to either replace or complement the standard firewood. Ideal for things like wood stoves, furnaces, and even backyard fire pits, each brick weighs approximately 2 pounds making them very convenient to use, store, and clean up.

This product uses zero binders and absolutely no glue. It’s made from 100% wood which is compressed with an amazing 22,000 pounds of pressure. The ash that is created is less than 1% which is very beneficial helping to minimize clean outs, moisture content and creosote buildup.

Produced by Lewis Mouldings, Fiber Fuel is composed solely of Eastern White Pine and produces 8,988 BTUs per pound. It is considered a premium fuel source with many users quickly making this their main source of heat after learning about it and experiencing it.

One pallet of Fiber Fuel has 84 12-pack bags (24 pounds) which weighs 2,016 pounds and is the equivalent of one cord of seasoned hardwood. It can be purchased by the bag or by the pallet.

These wood bricks are comprised completely of wood waste that has been kiln dried. Because of this there is considerably less moisture contributing to more efficient burning, less ash and reduced emissions. When you use Fiber Fuel another very big positive is that it lessens the risk of creosote buildup in the chimney which has been known to cause fires.

Burning wood as a fuel source is largely more economical than fossil fuels and is better overall for the environment. When wood burns the only greenhouse gas that it could emit would be anything that it took in while it was living. Because of this, the carbon footprint of burning Fiber Fuel is net zero.

Utilizing Fiber Fuel gives you a product that is ready for immediate use with no need to season or dry it like you would with regular wood. Because these come wrapped and ready for use, it greatly reduces bringing unwanted dirt, insects, and mold into your home.

Each brick weighs approximately 2 pounds which allows you to stack them neatly, estimate amounts and weights more accurately than wood as well as being safer to put into the furnace or the stove. Fiber Fuel’s ability to be used in wood stoves allows the product to constantly heat even during power outages.

These bricks really can be used in any appliance that both burns wood and is properly maintained. During the transition from hard wood to Fiber Fuel there may be a couple days of closely monitoring as the bricks tend to burn hotter than the wood that you were using. After the initial warm up of the appliance it would be a typical rule of thumb to say that 2 to 3 bricks would burn every 80 to 100 minutes. This will however vary based on the environment and the appliance being used.

Fiber Fuel stays from season to season and the only things that you will want to avoid is getting the product wet. If you are storing it in a basement it would be a good thing to keep it off the floor but outside of that, it’s a very stable product and will not deteriorate.

The raw materials that went into making these bricks are recycled and are the byproducts of making other wood products. There is no excess wood that is harvested and the company relies solely on recycled materials. Lewis Mouldings is registered in Nova Scotia as a buyer of forest products and is completely dedicated to replenishing trees at an even faster rate than is being used.

One brick of Fiber Fuel creates 17,800 BTUs. A BTU is a British Thermal Unit and is a standard way to measure the output of heat. One BTU is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree. There are 12 bricks per bag and 84 bags per pallet. One pallet of Fiber Fuel (84 bags) produces approximately 17,942,400 BTU's.

“So, how do I start a fire with Fiber Fuel?” you may ask. This is a great question and we would suggest the following. Create a pyramid that uses 3 to 4 bricks arranged in a way where there is some space beneath the upper bricks. Under these bricks use a bit of paper or kindling and start a fire here. Using what you just built you can allow to go into a full burn. Next, you should reduce the draft if possible and add bricks as is required to maintain. To find what your overnight requirements may be could involve a bit of experimentation but make sure that airflow is greatly reduced. Rest assured that Fiber Fuel will burn effectively in this manner, and will allow for hot embers remaining in the morning. Additional bricks can be loaded at that time.It is quite possible that many of your family and friends are already using Fiber fuel to heat their homes. When you think about all of the work and the mess that is involved with conventional firewood it’s a great time to try Fiber Fuel.

For the 2022 our Fiber Fuel costs 4.99 per 12 pack and a full pallet is 350.00. We also deliver for an additional cost. To setup a delivery please call one of our retail stores or contact us here. We are also very happy to answer questions.