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Fiberglass Pool - Majesty

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/28/2019

Fiberglass Pool - Majesty

The Majesty (formerly known as Polaris) fiberglass model pool is a newer edition to the pool lineup in the past few years. It slots in between the Empress model and the Olympia model in terms of size. It varies in water depth from 3’-6” to 5’-8” and is 14’ wide and 30’ long. It has two sets of stairs along with two benches in the deeper end meant for lounging as well as a tanning ledge that is strategically located at one of the entrances. This pool has 11,200 gallons of water in it and is a great pick for growing families. Something else to mention is that because the Majesty is a rectangle, it is setup to be ready for an automatic cover. This is a great addition to family pools as it acts as a protector/barrier from people and animals entering the pool when they're not supposed to be along with retaining heat and protecting the pool from the elements.

This model's final price depends on additional accessories that you may choose. The base price includes a Sta-Rite variable speed pump, a 300 square foot filter, test kit, vacuum hose, center rail, water to fill the pool, crane for installation and plenty more. When it comes to accessories there’s mood lighting, water features, a pool water heater or heat pump and lots more. Definitely some great space and options to make the pool your own.

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