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Fiberglass Pool - Milan

Published by Matt Fichera on Oct 28 2019

Fiberglass Pool - Milan

The Milan (formerly known as the Ariel) model is the famous Fiberglass Plunge Pool model. These types of pools have been rising in popularity as they allow you to obtain a fiberglass pool that is smaller in size. The pool being on the small size allows you to have it placed very close to a home making it ideal for year-round use. The size is perfect for a few people, allowing you more room than a hot tub or a spa while still retaining the intimacy of a small gathering. The Milan could be placed inground, above ground, or even semi-inground. This placement is important as you can incorporate it into features of a garden or any creative backyard design if you so choose. The layout is sleek, the design is modern, and there’s a bench around the entire pool. The Milan is 16’ long and 10’ wide. It has a depth of 4’ throughout and holds 2,450 gallons of water. Because of the smaller size of the pool you are able to spend less money on things like power, pool chemicals, cleaning, and other things. You could even take that extra money you are accumulating in savings and use it on accessories like an automatic pool cover, a pool heater, a pool heat pump, mood lighting, salt generator and more. This plunge pool is a great way to get an economical pool for year-round use. Things like a New Year’s Eve party or a Superbowl soak are possible with a great pool like this. Other things like aquatic exercises, resistance swimming, casual floating, and more can all easily become part of your day.

The price range of a Milan is dependent on additional accessories that you may choose. For more information on the fiberglass plunge pool phenomenon, please see our dedicated page for this Fiberglass Plunge Pool including videos, pictures, and more information.

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