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Fiberglass Pool - Picasso

Published by Matt Fichera on Oct 29 2019

Fiberglass Pool - Picasso

The Fiberglass Picasso model is an amazing work of art. It is a freeform pool that is on the smaller side as it holds 5,600 gallons and is 3’9” in the shallow end and 5’-4” in the deeper end. It’s 12’ wide and 24’ long. This type of pool could be a great selection for a growing family or perfect for those with a smaller backyard, or just desire a small sized pool. The set of steps to enter the pool are generously oversized and actually pulls double duty as it can also be used as a lounging area as the top step is only submerged in a couple inches of water. Plenty of room to add accessories for a really custom feel as that same top step can be setup for a bubbler for a calming backyard sound and a stunning visual. The pool is part of the Fusion line which is a great place to look for pools that are built to accessorize to your own liking. These options include two tanning ledges as well as a couple options for spas. If you fall in love with this style and shape but want a larger model, the Gemini is exactly that.

The price of the Fiberglass Picasso model falls within a range from $35K to $42K and the final price depends on what you choose when it comes to those aforementioned accessories. Included in the price are things like: a pool filter, a variable speed pump, a robotic pool cleaner, a maintenance kit, 2-inch plumbing, a center rail and so much more. Additional options exist like a heater, or a heat pump, a salt generator, UV Ozone, mood lighting and more.

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