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Fiberglass Pools: A Look at Their Environmental Impact

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/10/2019

Fiberglass Pools: A Look at Their Environmental Impact

Considering a pool for your backyard comes with a feeling of excitement. The sound of laughing people, the smell of a barbeque on a warm weekend afternoon, these are the types of things that you find yourself looking forward to.

Before you can sit back, relax, and enjoy, comes pool research and shopping for the type of pool that is right for you. Things to consider during this process are pool cost, upkeep, installation, and safety. Gunite pools are highly customizable but take a long time to install and are expensive. Vinyl liner pools are cost effective up front but not long lasting with liner replacements needed over time. With these things in mind, Fiberglass pools are low maintenance, durable, and have a lower cost of ownership over time when compared to other pool types.

Many people think however, that a fiberglass pool isn’t safe for the environment and the people swimming in it. We are here to dispel this rumor while being clear and concise. Fiberglass pools are not harmful in any way, have many great features, and provide value to pool owners in both the short and long term.

The fiberglass pool is pre-cast and built offsite. It is delivered to your home via a truck and trailer and installed with a crane. There will never be a scenario where the fiberglass pool would be manufactured and pulled off the mold in your backyard. These procedures are performed in a safe facility where precautions are taken and a quality pool product is created. While manufacturing the pool, the facility staff who handles the fiberglass will be equipped with all of the latest safety devices ensuring the correct procedures for everyone involved.

During the manufacturing process fiberglass pools have a gelcoat applied to them. This is a top layer that protects the pool and gives you a nice comfortable surface for walking, swimming, sitting, and everything in between. A high-quality fiberglass pool is sturdy and provides layers of safe and smooth material. As a fiberglass pool owner, you only have to keep your pool clean and your water optimized with appropriate chemicals.

These types of pools actually use less chemicals than gunite so on top of the materials used being safe, you also don’t use as many chemicals as other pool types. This saves you money and is better for the environment in the long run. Vinyl liner pools could in fact be less expensive up front but with the cost of a new liner every 5 to 9 years and with the old liner entering the landfill, these pools certainly have their drawbacks

To summarize, exposure to fiberglass is not a concern to pool owners or swimmers. These pools by the nature of their construction, require fewer chemicals making them more environmentally friendly and less expensive over time than other pool types. Liner replacements and concrete pool maintenance make vinyl liner and concrete pools less friendly to the environment.

Deciding to install a pool can be very exciting. We hope that this helps to answer questions on fiberglass pool safety and impact on the environment. 

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