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Five Reasons To Buy A Hot Tub Today!

Published by Makayla Ruth on 10/05/2021

Five Reasons To Buy A Hot Tub Today!

Many wait for a sign, others wait until it's the right time, luckily for you the wait is over. The time is now to buy a  Strong Spa from E-Z Test Pool Supplies. Many people face an internal struggle when deciding whether or not to make the decision to purchase a spa. Most of the time it’s because of the financial aspect, however; you cannot put a price tag on the numerous qualities these spas possess.

(Not that you should struggle much, because E-Z Test offers financing!)

Why a “Strong Spa”?

The reason is in the name itself, strong. These spas are unlike any other, the Dura-Shield cover is built to last; which if you live in New England, you know how important that is, (especially in the winter). Nevertheless, read below to witness the real magic of Strong Spas, underneath the cover.

To Relieve Stress

  • Studies have shown that hydrotherapy has proven to relieve physical, emotional and mental stress on the body.

Muscle Relaxation

  • Hot tubs cause capillaries and blood vessels to dilate causing blood to flow more freely.
  • The function of high powered jets in Strong Spas can cause tension in the muscles to relax and soothe any additional aches and pains.

Cardiovascular Health

  • It has been proven in numerous studies that soaking in a hot tub for ten minutes not only lowers blood pressure, but also has been found to help people who may suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Spas activate a person’s “heat shock proteins”; these are molecules within a human body that are created in response to stress. When activated, these proteins can improve insulin levels and blood sugar control.

Sleep Benefits

  • Soaking in a spa causes the brain and body to relax physically and mentally, creating a form of deep relaxation before sleep.
  • Studies show that sitting in a spa before bed helps people fall asleep 10 minutes faster.

Weight Loss

  • Sitting in a hot tub for one hour is equivalent to burning the same number of calories in a thirty minute walk!

Here at E-Z Test Pools, we are happy to help you with any questions you may have! Remember, we also offer financing to best suit your family’s needs. Come to our  Plaistow NH or Derry NH location today to learn more, we can’t wait to see you!