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How Deep Can a Fiberglass Pool Be?

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/18/2019

How Deep Can a Fiberglass Pool Be?

In previous decades, fiberglass pools were limited in shape, size, and color. It was typical for them to only be featured in powder blue, and white. These days, there is a wider variety to select from as better manufacturing technology exists and there are more pool companies in business.

When it comes to fiberglass pools the depth is dictated by size as most manufacturers craft the smaller pools shallower than the larger models. For example, we offer the Sirius model which is 12’ x 24’ and ranges from 3’-6” to 5’-6” while the Atlas model is 16’ x 40’ and ranges from 3’-6” all of the way up to 8’ and can be used for diving in the deeper end.

If a fiberglass pool is 8’ deep, the deeper end is completed as a hopper. What this means is that instead of a gradual slope downwards like some other pools models, you have a surface that’s flat and about 3.5’ deep for about one third of the length of the pool and then you have a ramped surface for another third of the pool length and then the last third would be the 8’ deep end. Please be aware that not all fiberglass pools that have the 8’ deep end would be suitable for diving. You will want to check on the requirements and code guidelines before purchasing if diving is something that you are interested in.

When it comes to correlating fiberglass pool size with water depth the following tends to hold true: Fiberglass pools that are 27’ long and smaller tend to be 3 ½’ to 5 ½’ deep. Fiberglass pools that are 27’ to 35’ long have depths which range from 3 ½’ to 6 ½’. Fiberglass pools that are 35’ to 40’+ long the depths can go anywhere from 3 ½’ to 8’ deep.

Most pool manufacturers realize that the majority of pool owners and bathers alike will tend to gravitate toward a shallow style pool so that people can stand, sit, relax, play, and socialize. It is still true that most pools with an 8’ deep end do in fact have a shallow end, which may not be as large as other pool models. Selecting a pool that has an 8’ deep end and meant for diving will mean that 26’ feet of a pool will be dedicated to the deep end and the ramp to get you to that depth. If the length of the pool is 40 feet total, then you have just cut the shallow end to 13’ or 14’ feet. This area is smaller than most small bedrooms.

The water depth and amount of shallow end space are certainly things to consider before choosing a fiberglass pool model that works for you. 

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