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Installing a Fiberglass Pool During the Fall Season

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/20/2021

Installing a Fiberglass Pool During the Fall Season

As the days get shorter and there’s a chill in the air, many people have moved on from thinking about ways to stay cool and relax in the summer sun. If you are planning an Outdoor Living Project for next year and it includes a fiberglass pool, a fall installation is something to consider as it will shorten the project time into the following season.

Deciding to go with a  fiberglass pool in your backyard is an exciting time and likely the result of numerous hours of research and many questions asked. Sometimes, if these purchasing decisions are made later in a pool season, waiting until the following year to start the project can be appealing.

There are however, many positives about installing a fiberglass pool in the fall. A fiberglass pool comes as a pre-cast shell on the back of a truck and is not something that is built from scratch in your backyard. This type of pool allows for the install process to be quicker and more fluid than other available choices on the market. In this scenario the pool is “swim ready” at the beginning of the next pool season while hardscape, landscape, and any finishing touches are built around you in the spring.

At E-Z Test Pools we always tell our customers that an outdoor living project involving a fiberglass pool can take up to 4 months to be finished. This includes from when excavation commences and continues until the hardscape, fencing, and landscaping are completed. Electing to go with a fall fiberglass pool install splits this timeline across both years. This puts less stress on the entire project as there is not as much of a hurry to get ready for the nice weather as it is occurring.

Spring and gardening usually go together but fall is also a great time to plant. If the pool installation finishes up, there may still be time to start the landscape and get some planting done. Whether this is landscaping features, or even grass seed down, your efforts will pay off in the long run. There will be more time for things to grow and fill in, helping to paint that amazing backyard picture and getting you closer to completion of your dream project.

The cost of a fiberglass pool installation has been creeping up over the past couple of years with so much additional interest. Another key reason for choosing a fall installation for your  fiberglass pool is that it avoids any type of additional off-season price hikes thus possibly saving you money on the project overall. The hardscape company may have more availability in the spring months and in some cases, the ability to pay for all of the work being done may become easier if it’s broken up over a period of time.

Wanting a pool that you can use immediately is both normal and understandable. Everyone wants the instant gratification and enjoyment that comes with putting a pool in. We think that it’s important to remember that purchasing a fiberglass pool and undertaking a backyard project is a big deal and taking the time to complete the project correctly will be very rewarding over the many years and memories to come.

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