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Radiant Swimming Pools: Why Buy in 2020!

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/10/2020

Radiant Swimming Pools: Why Buy in 2020!

Radiant Swimming Pools

National Sales Manager, Tim McDonough from  Radiant Swimming Pools stops into our Plaistow, NH location to speak about why you should choose a Radiant and what's new for 2020!

Radiant pools are the only pool that can be installed in 3 different ways. Above ground, inground, and Semi-inground. What exactly does that mean for you the consumer?

This mean you have options. Several different types of installations mesh well with the varying types of backyards that are out there. Yards are flat, sloped, straight down a hill and more. With Radiant you have the ability to dig into a bank, build directly on top of flat ground, or all of the way into the ground if you so choose.

A unique feature on these pools is the R10 insulation helping to achieve a warmer pool overall. If your pool has a heater, it can help you save up to 30% on heating costs. The insulation is housed in a 2-inch thick pool wall and the extra heating ability lengthens your swim season on both sides.

A great thing to love about Radiant pools is the lifetime warranty that’s fully transferable. This warranty is unique in the pool industry as it truly is for a lifetime and is not pro-rated. It also is unlimited and fully transferable. This warranty also protects the pool against winter damage. This is a great feature especially in the Northeast region where winters can be exceptionally harsh.

Radiant pools are the only above ground pool on the market that come in a “freeform” style. These models don’t follow the more traditional rectangle, oval, or round designs that you commonly see. Radiant actually goes a step further and manufactures freeform models giving the pool owner another option that blends well with decks, may help with any constraints on space, as well as providing a sense of style that’s unique in the world of above ground pools.

New in 2020 are a couple of great additions. For the Radiant freeform swimming pools, are a 4-inch premium coping supplying a wider finish than the regular coping that measures 2-inches. Also making its debut this year is a new rectangular style pool called the Emerald with diagonal corners and universal coping that focuses on meeting different needs in different yards and doing it in a stylish manner.

E-Z Test Pool Supplies is a proud partner of Radiant swimming pools. If you are interested in making a splash in your backyard this summer, fill out the form on our website at: and someone will reach out, give us a call, or stop into one of our three retail locations to speak with a member of our team. Radiant pools, are durable, economical, and stylish, listen to what Tim has to say at the below.