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​Radiant - The Perfect Solution to Quality, Affordable In-Ground & Above Ground Pools

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 11/18/2017

​Radiant - The Perfect Solution to Quality, Affordable In-Ground & Above Ground Pools

Radiant - The Perfect Solution to Quality, Affordable In-Ground & Above Ground Pools

Been dreaming of your own in-ground pool for years? Thinking it would turn your yard into a beautiful summertime oasis? Do you have visions of your family enjoying your own pool and indulging in healthy fun activities for years to come? Then just as quickly as you find yourself lost in that dream, you feel stark reality kick you right in the swimsuit and say, "You can't afford that! An in-ground pool is just plain too expensive!" Well the reality is you really can have your dream...and do it for a lot less than the typical cost of a traditional in-ground . The secret? Radiant Pools™, the only high quality, affordable, versatile in-ground/above-ground pool made in the USA and backed by an amazing lifetime warranty.

Typical in-ground pools often start at $50,000 and can easily climb higher in price in no time.  Radiant Pools which have the unique capability to be installed fully above ground, in-ground or partially in/out (even into a slope) offer in-ground style and lasting quality at a hefty savings. Radiant Pools can be installed in-ground anywhere from $13,495 to $17,935 (2017 pricing), giving you all the benefits of in-ground at a much lower cost.

But price is not the only factor here. Radiant builds such a unique, quality product that the manufacturer boldly offers a lifetime warranty, even covering against winter damage (with no pro rate factor). This is totally unheard of with any other pool on the market. They are so confident in their product that this warranty is even fully transferrable to subsequent pool owner. One look and feel of the Radiant Pools design will quickly convince you just how they can be so bold with their warranty!

A few other factors that add to the value - Long-term operating costs are considerably lower than traditional in-ground pools due to their unique shape and better flow of water. Also , installation of these pools are all handled in-house by a company with almost 30 years in the business. We are the only company in our area to have company owners/experts involved in the projects directly and on site for construction in your yard. This makes for a great fit for a great pool!

Radiant Pools are offered in many sizes (oval, round & free-form) and can be constructed from fully above ground to full in, and countless variations in between. Please see chart below for general pricing on common selected pools.

Pricing as of the 2022 pool season

Above Ground  In Ground
18' Round  $10K - $24K $23K - $37K
24' Round  $11K- $25K $24K - $41K
16' X 24' Oval  $13K - $29K    $28K - $44K

If you are intrigued and surprised by the affordability and quality of these pools, do yourself a favor and call or come by any of our E-Z Test Pool Supplies locations for more info. Prepare to be blown away by the construction, price, and amazing warranty of this product. We assure you that you will be glad you did!

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