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Strong Spas - Summit Series

Published by Matt Fichera on 09/16/2019

Strong Spas - Summit Series

Strong Spas has always been known as an innovator and brings ideas, methods, and technology to the forefront of spa design. The company never settles and never stops imagining something better.

Strong Spas Summit Series is both sleek and stylish, delivering power, efficiency, and lots and lots of sophistication and relaxing appeal. Ergonomic seats are designed to bring important hydrotherapy while combining that with rejuvenation and ultimate relaxation. The Summit Series offers some stunning looks with detailed styling which you’ll notice the moment you step in for a rejuvenating soak.

The Summit Series provides comfortable seating for 5 to 7 people depending on the model along with either 60, 50, or 40 jets. Seating is available in a couple of different configurations along with the brand promise of optimal comfort, relaxation, and hydrotherapy. Luxurious amenities that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the spirit are abound. These features include:


Spa covers have long been something that needs to be replaced every few years. They retain heat, get soggy and need to eventually be thrown away. Enter, the Strong Spas DURA-SHIELD. This is a hard cover that is custom molded and filled with a special foam that works in harmony with the other spa components to retain heat. This cover supports a large amount of weight and protects the spa from weather and anything that may fall in or potentially break the cover.


The DURA-BASE works very similarly to the cover. It is 10 times stronger than the average base, it’s pest proof and doesn’t break down over time. It works to retain heat and cycle it back through the spa to save money on the cost of energy as well as time. The base really helps the spa to be placed, requires zero maintenance and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly, the base of the Strong Spa is guaranteed for life!

LED Lighting:

The Summit looks great with full ambient lighting. They’ve got a waterfall and 16 points of exterior lighting to work with. The jets are illuminated as well as the cupholders to set the mood. Safety is as high a priority as creating the ultimate luxury experience. One powerful LED light that sits underwater will fill ambient light over a textured footwell to ensure safety when entering and exiting the spa. LED cup holders add that little extra level of sophistication when entertaining those you love to be surrounded by.

Important Hydrotherapy:

The Summit Series gives you the ability to control the water flow’s power assisting in hydrotherapy for care of sore muscles. There’s a wide variety of jets which are also strategically placed and designed with hydrotherapy in mind. Each jet is lines with a stainless-steel surround for an added look of distinction while delivering ultra-massage and relief.

Additional Perks

The  Summit Series offers a couple different cabinet style options. Mocha Brown and Coastal Gray both supported by the DURA-BASE which is 10 times thicker than most spas. Coming standard on whichever cabinet that you choose, will be the patented DURA-LAST cabinet system. This cabinet system is known for reducing noise, easily provides important access to all internal components, and probably most importantly is highly energy efficient and will be ready to save you money in the long run. Heat generated by the pumps in the internal cabinet air space is recycled and utilized by your spa, saving energy and money! Strong Spa’s DURA-LAST Cabinets will never require maintenance and come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Other highlights include a M8 energy efficient heater, color screen, synthetic wood cabinets, LED Water Columns, LED Exterior Lighting, LED Cup Holders, and lots more!