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Strong Spas

Published by Matt Fichera on 07/19/2019

Strong Spas

Your Strong Spas Dealer for Southern NH and the North Shore of MA!

E-Z Test Pool Supplies is proud to be an official Strong Spas dealer and to feature them exclusively at all of our retail locations as well as selling accessories online. Their products are crafted with luxury in mind and are custom built at one of their own facilities helping to ensure maximum quality. Strong Spas embraces innovation and recognizes the value that the addition of a spa can bring to a household. Hot tubs in general provide quality health and wellness benefits and can also be catalysts in fostering a lifetime of memories and good times.

Strong Spas is a great company that proudly manufactures their spas completely within the United States. They have a large-scale manufacturing facility in the state of Pennsylvania where spas are built from the ground up and shipped through North America and Europe.

Humble Roots

Their parent company, Strong Industries Inc. started all of the way back in 1994 with just one employee. It started out as an organization that built and formed plastic parts for several different industries. After several years of being successful with this, the business opened a facility in Northumberland, PA and then in 2004, started producing roto-molded spas. They have been in the hot tub business since then with an ever-growing presence and a space occupied on the cutting edge of spa technology.

Strong Spas held up to their name during the 2008 recession. Tough times hit every major hot tub manufacturer but this organization continued to grow and excel while others were minimizing operations or completely closing up shop. It was around that same time in 2008 that the company began producing acrylic spas thus completing a full line of spa products. Currently, annual domestic growth exceeds 50% and can actually be even higher internationally.

Why Buy Strong?

Positive customer service and top sales experiences are very important to  Strong Spas. They are proud of maintaining a spectacular A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they are constantly checking customer reviews and addressing any concerns.

Growth has been both positive and consistent while remaining true to their original ideas and their original stress on the idea of quality. Quality is never something that goes by the wayside with their products and this is backed up by the fact that Strong Spas has 100 quality control checks that are set in motion before any hot tub is shipped anywhere. Another point of pride is most certainly price. The company is able to come through on its promise to deliver spas that are stylish and luxurious and fit most budgets and lifestyles.

Getting answers to questions is another thing this company prides itself on. Strong Spas has a large dealer network and many sales reps that have the product knowledge to answer all questions asked. They encourage inquiries and welcome product interest on all spas that are offered.

Strong Spas is also proudly a member of the IHTA (International Hot Tub Association) This is an organization that sets forth strict guidelines and criteria for members for such things as certifications, licensing, energy standards, legislation within the industry, and more. Membership in this organization allows Strong Spas to provide 100% customer buying confidence everywhere they are sold.

Another way that  Strong Spas ensures quality is by only allowing certified technicians to be able to work on their products. These qualified service specialists provide both the correct advice and service while the product is still under warranty. The organization has an expansive network of factory-authorized local service technicians to ensure customers can continue to enjoy their Strong Spas for many years to come. A really neat thing is that they have a service tech call center that can assist customers by scheduling service calls and answering questions on any hot tub parts and accessories that are needed.

Strong Features

One of the very first things that may capture your attention when you take a look at a Strong Spa is its beautiful DURA-SHIELD hardcover system. This is a patented industry exclusive molded from resin and filled with a special foam blend that helps protect and insulate the spa during harsher conditions. These covers help retain heat and save energy in the big picture. Some of the most recent models/series have an acrylic top cover that gives the spa a very unique look. Strong Spas has seen its competitors continue along the way with soft covers that tend to be weighed down with issues such as rot and mold. These subpar covers are susceptible to the elements and usually need to be changed out every 2 to 3 years, but Strong Spas has put a stop to this. This cover is also backed by a lifetime warranty, also the only one on the market.

The company also features the very first completely integrated CoverLift automatic lift system. The system is called “ULTRASTRONG” (yes you read that right) and helps with worry free openings and closings in a flash.

Something that may not come to mind immediately, but is a very important component of a spa is the base. The base of a hot tub is the part that comes into contact with the ground or the surface that the spa is sitting on. When it comes to Strong Spa branded products, their base is 10x thicker than the base of the average model on the market. The base keeps a firm foundation, keeps heat in, and keeps critters out.

The inside walls of the spa are constructed with a 3-layer shell design that really helps maintain that smooth surface and inviting look with no additional effort needed. The Dura-Last cabinets speak for themselves. With a unique Energy-Lok insulation system that offers superior thermal efficiency, our cabinets look newly installed after years of use. The manufacturing process is really down to a science and it is because of this that Strong Spa products really live up to their name. They are resilient, sturdy, and durable in any conditions. Which means you can spend your time soaking in our Strong Spa with your family and friends instead of out of it doing maintenance.

Interested in Purchasing a Strong Spa?

We have 3 retail locations, two in New Hampshire, and one in Massachusetts and each store has several dedicated spa specialists that would be very happy to introduce you to the brand, show you display models, talk about pricing and available financing options, and most importantly answer any and all questions that you may have.  Contact us here, give us a call, or stop into one of  our retail locations to get started today!