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StrongTouch - Touchscreen Technology

Published by Matt Fichera on 11/08/2019

StrongTouch - Touchscreen Technology

The new StrongTouch panel is the next breakthrough in ease of operation for hot tubs. Its intuitive LCD screen and smart technology make controlling your Strong Spa a breeze.


The power button is denoted by a white circle with a dot in the center and is located on the side of the display. There’s then an icon that you slide over to matchup thus unlocking the StrongTouch controls.

Jet Control

Located in the top center of the display is the button which controls the jets. You will have either one, two, or three depending on the Strong Spa model. If you hold each one of those buttons it will either turn on or shut off.


To the right of the jet buttons, there’s an indicator which controls the lights. Again, pressing down and holding the button turns the lights either on or off. The yellow color of the button lets you know that the lights are on.


Toward the bottom of the display is the readout of the current temperature of the water. To the left and right of the number are arrow controls that allow you to change the temperature either up or down.

Display Flip

Located on the right side of the display is a button, that when pressed, actually turns the entire display screen around and projects it so that if the user is in the spa, they can accurately see the controls. On this display, you can also control the screen contrast whether it’s day or night so there’s never a worry about seeing the screen.

Sleep Mode

The display also has sleep mode which can turn the display off when it’s not needed.


To access the settings functions, look for the orange button with gears located in the bottom left. It’s here where you can access settings for your spa water care, energy consumption, you can control maintenance reminders, like when you need to clean your filter, when you need to change the water, when it’s time for a spa checkup, and lots more.

Date & Time

You can also set your date and time ensuring that the reminders, and general operation are as accurate as can be. Temperature units, display, screen contrast, the language the interface uses are all things that can be changed. There’s also the ability to lock your spa.

With this control center you can even change things such as the electrical configuration, wi-fi if it’s installed and so much more.

Strong Spas interactive StrongTouch technology delivers full spa control literally right at your fingertips. Have any questions, or want to see a live demo? Contact us through our website, give us a call or stop into one of our showrooms in either Plaistow or Derry NH and we’d be happy to help.