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Top 10 Best Selling Fiberglass Pools in New England

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/17/2019

Top 10 Best Selling Fiberglass Pools in New England


The Atlas is a classic rectangle that has a depth from 3’-6” to 8’. It can be used as a diving pool and because it is a perfect rectangle it is also auto cover ready. It holds 21,000 gallons of water and is among the largest fiberglass pools available. It’s size is 40’ long X 16’ wide and is a great choice for those looking for a rectangular pool that is deep and capable of holding many people for many different swimming activities. The Atlas’ length and width are expansive with a full entryway taking up one of the short sides entirely. This pool allows you plenty of room for you and your family to relax or invite friends and neighbors over for a party, you’re sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

The Atlas checks in with a price from $54K to $61K. This includes things like a variable speed pump, a filter, 2-inch plumbing, a maintenance kit, center rail, water to fill the pool, a robotic pool cleaner, crane to install, and more. The price does not include additional accessories like a construction permit, electrical, pool heating, salt, mood lighting or other add-ons.


The Hubble is a smaller sized rectangle pool with depths from 3’-6” to 5’-8” that’s perfect for yards with not a lot of space or those with interest in a smaller pool. It’s a perfect rectangle making it able to be fit with an automatic cover if you so choose. It holds 7,600 gallons of water and has dimensions of 12’ wide x 26’ in length. Unique features of the Hubble model include a free form tanning ledge that’s built into the shallow end along with steps molded into both sides of the shallow end which allows you to easily access your pool regardless of how it is oriented in your yard area. There’s a bench on either side of the deep end which provides two nice areas for people to swim over to as well as relax on. The middle of the deep end is open which gives you the ability to swim from one end of the pool to the other. If you like this shape but want a larger model the Gravity pool would be the next step up.

The Hubble comes with a price range of $40K to $47K including a Sta-Rite variable speed pump and a Sta-Rite 300 square foot filter. Other things included are a maintenance kit, 2-inch plumbing, water to fill the pool, center rail, crane for installation, a robotic pool cleaner and lots more. Not included are things like a construction permit, Pal LED lighting, salt generator, UV Ozone, pool heaters, electrical and any other accessories that you may choose.


The Calypso model measures 15’ wide and 34’ long. It holds 12,000 gallons of water and ranges in depth from 3’-6” in the shallow end to 6’ in the deep end. It’s a freeform pool coming in on the larger end and has a lovely sun shelf / tanning ledge located in the shallow end of the pool. The shelf actually continues to extend into the deeper end of the pool so it’s perfect for both adults and children alike. Adults can lounge and supervised children can play in the shallow end on the ledge. A great part of this pool is that it has another bench which is located in the deeper side of the pool and actually fits anywhere from 4 to 6 adults comfortably. The Calypso could be the choice for you if you’re looking for a pool that has seating capacity but also room to swim in a larger area of water.

The price range of the Calypso is $49K to $56K. Coming with the pool is a variable speed pool pump, a pool pump, water to fill the pool, complete plumbing upon installation, a robotic pool cleaner, crane for installation, maintenance kit, pool vacuum and lots more. You should also plan expenses for the cost of an electrician to setup power as well as to get a permit for construction. Also, don’t forget that fiberglass pools have many different possibilities for options and accessories to truly get a customized and unique pool feel. Pal LED lighting, Pentair Salt Generator, Pool heater, Heat Pump, and more.


The Gravity is a step up from the Hubble model. It measures 16’ wide x 35’ long, holds 15,250 gallons of water and is a great large sized rectangular pool. Offering a tanning ledge/sun shelf which is built into the side wall of the shallow area, the pool is easily accessed on both sides of the shallow end so that regardless of how the pool is oriented in your yard, you can still access it with ease. In the deep end there’s a bench on both sides with access to the main wall in the middle. This configuration allows for full swimming from one side to the other while also offering multiple places to sit and for kids to swim to.

The Gravity model has a price range of $52K to $59K. This includes many different things including a variable speed pump, a filter, pool maintenance kit, 2-inch plumbing, vacuum head, center rail and many other things. The beauty of fiberglass is that there are many different options that are additional costs but can be included to truly put together a pool that’s unique and stylish.


Polaris is actually a larger rectangular version of the Hubble model. With depths from 3’-6” to 5’-8” and measuring 14’ wide x 30’ long it has two sets of stairs, two benches in the deep end and a tanning ledge at one of the entrances. It holds 11,200 gallons of water and is great for families.

The Polaris model has a price range of $48K to $55K. This price includes some great additions like a Sta-Rite variable speed pump, a 300 square foot filter, test kit, vacuum hose, center rail, water to fill the pool, crane for installation and plenty more. Other things to consider which are not included are electrical, a construction permit, heater, heat pump, UV Ozone and any other accessories that you select.


The Picasso truly is a work of art that makes a backyard landscape even better. Measuring 12’ in width x 24’ in length with depths from 3’-9” to 5’-4”, it holds 5,600 gallons of water. It’s a freeform pool for those that are looking for a smaller size but is an excellent choice nonetheless. The entry step is oversized and doubles as a great place to lounge in while being in only a few inches of water. The top step can also be setup for a bubbler feature providing a tranquil backyard sound and a really neat visual. The Picasso is a part of the Fusion line and as a result it can include additional features if you so choose. These options include two tanning ledges as well as a couple options for spas. If you fall in love with this style and shape but want a larger model, the Gemini is exactly that.

The Picasso has a price ranging from $35K to $42K which includes a pool filter, a variable speed pump, a robotic pool cleaner, a maintenance kit, 2-inch plumbing, a center rail and so much more. Additional options exist like a heater, or a heat pump, a salt generator, UV Ozone, mood lighting and more. Things like an electrical setup and a construction permit are also not included in the base price.


The Sirius model is a large rectangular pool that is auto cover ready and measures 12’ wide and 24’ long. Depths range from 3’-6” to 5’-6” and the pool holds 6,700 gallons of pool water. In the shallow end there’s angled steps offering convenient access to the pool which also works very well with many different styles of patio design. Large bench areas are strategically placed in both the deep end and the shallow end so that everyone may access them. The center of this pool is an ideal spot for a feature like a spillover spa or a tanning ledge.

The price range for the Sirius is $37K to $44K and includes full installation with crane, pool water, variable speed pump, pool filter, all of the plumbing, a center rail, vacuum hose, brush, test kit and more. You should plan for additional expenses including electrical setup and obtaining a construction permit. The great thing about a fiberglass pool is the ability to customize all kinds of great things. This pool is certainly no exception. Accessories like mood lighting, a heater, water features and more are all available.


The Ariel is our Fiberglass Plunge Pool. These types of pools have become very popular over the past few years allowing you the ability to install very close to your home to be functional all year if you so desire. It’s very modern and sleek with beautiful entry steps and a bench around the entire pool. It has a depth of 4’ throughout and is 16’ in length and 10’ in width. This plunge pool holds 2,450 gallons of water which is very manageable allowing you to spend less money and time on things like chemicals, energy, and cleaning. Please see our dedicated page for this Fiberglass Plunge Pool including videos, pictures, and more information.

The price range for the Ariel is $30K to $37K which includes a crane for installation, water to fill the pool, a variable speed pump, a pool filter, full plumbing, robotic pool cleaner, maintenance kit, pool vacuum and more. You’ll have a couple of additional costs which include a construction permit and electrical setup but other than that, this is a great way to get into a fiberglass pool that is larger than a hot tub while remaining more manageable and economical than some of our larger models. With the savings, you may be able to invest in additional accessories like mood lighting, salt generator, a pool heater and more. Want a pool party on New Year’s Eve? This pool makes that idea a real possibility.


Part of the Modern Fusion pool family, the Gemini is one of the most popular fiberglass models offered. Measuring 32 feet in length by 16 feet in width, it’s 3 ft. 9 in. in the shallow end and 5 ft. 4 in. in the deep end. It also holds 9,000 gallons of water which is very manageable ensuring great value and lots of pool for the money spent. This modern fusion pool works well for lap swimming and also has a large seating area built into the layout which helps to maximize both the relaxation factor and how people socialize while using the pool.

When it comes to the design aesthetic of a Modern Fusion pool the Gemini has lots of curve appeal. Boldly stylish entry stairs also double as a tanning ledge while many modular components allow you lots of great freedoms to pursue your pool vision. Additional features like a spillover spa, bubblers, a full tanning ledge, and spillways all would work to create a soothing ambiance for those hot days where you can say goodbye to stress. When the sun goes down the party doesn’t have to end with optional accessories like mood lighting and heating. The possibilities are endless and your summer oasis awaits. The Gemini is a great choice for your backyard that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

The price of this pool is a range from $45K to $52K included in the cost is a 3-speed variable speed pump and a 300 square foot filter both of these by Sta-Rite. 2-inch plumbing, main drain, skimmer, return lines are also all included. A pool shell hydrostone finish with Vega Blue, a center rail, robotic pool cleaner and a maintenance kit, vacuum hose, brush, test kit, vac head are all a part of the cost. A construction permit, electrical work, heating, salt systems, LED lighting and other accessories would all be additional charges.


The Synergy model measures 40’ long and 16’ wide. It holds 16,000 gallons of water and has depths from 3’-10” to 6’-3” in the deeper end. This is another great pool from the freeform family which actually has 3 separate and distinct swim out benches and a picturesque set of entry stairs which are located in the shallower end. The top stair also can have a bubbler added to it for a simple but refined water feature. Having only been around for a few years, the synergy model has quickly become a top pick for those looking for a freeform pool that is large in size. The pool is also compatible with two distinct tanning ledges if you so desire.

The price of the Synergy model comes in at a range between $52K and $59K. Included in this price are many things to get you and your pooling off on the right track. Equipment like a variable speed pool pump, a pool filter, all of the plumbing, maintenance kit, vacuum hose, test kit, center rail, robotic pool cleaner and more. Additional costs will include the electrical work and the construction permit and any accessories that you may select such as water features, mood lighting, pool heat pump, salt generator and many other optional choices.

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