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What is a Fiberglass Plunge Pool?

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on May 11 2019

What is a Fiberglass Plunge Pool?

Fiberglass Plunge Pool

Fiberglass Plunge Pools Have Arrived!

Getting a start in upscale hotels, and coming all the way to your home, there is a new phenomenon hitting the backyard leisure scene called plunge pools. Plunge pools allow you to enjoy backyard tranquility while investing less time in the pool ownership process overall. They arrive conveniently pre-built, are more easily managed, and are considerably less expensive than larger models. Here’s the scoop on these amazing new additions to the world of pools.

What is a Plunge Pool?

plunge pool has dimensions which are smaller than traditional models. They are pre-cast and delivered in one piece so that the installation can happen very quickly, especially when compared to alternatives. These pools can be installed anywhere on your property with limited intrusion to the surrounding land, minimizing worry and maximizing enjoyment. Plunge pools use less water, less chemicals and are ideal for anything from casually floating to low-impact aquatic exercises.

Why Choose a Plunge Pool?

Selecting a plunge pool gets you away from the commitments of a larger pool while still enjoying the relaxation and benefits that a backyard pool provides. A  fiberglass plunge pool holds a very manageable 2,450 gallons of water so the need for treatment chemicals and electrical costs are greatly reduced. Plunge pools walk the line as they are larger than hot tubs providing for more personal space, but they’re still small enough to enjoy the company that you may be with. They say there is no such thing as a maintenance free swimming pool but fiberglass plunge pools are very manageable hybrids and can get you pretty darn close.

What Would My Plunge Pool Look Like?

Our plunge pools are crafted from fiberglass so they’re durable, sleek, and modern. They provide maximum interior room for their dimensions which check in at 10’ x 16’ and they’re a perfect 4 feet deep. Elegant entry steps and built-in luxury seating around their perimeters complement their bright vega blue coloring along with a hydrostone interior finish. Perfect for protection and heat retention especially during the winter months, these pools come auto cover ready allowing for extra security and long term savings.

How is My Plunge Pool Set Up?

The popular way of setting up a  plunge pool is to install and configure it close to your home so that you have the ability to use it during all seasons. Whether it’s a hot summer night, a brisk fall day, or even a New Year’s Eve party, you can configure your fiberglass plunge pool to operate 24/7 if you so choose. Because of the pool’s proximity to your home, you won’t have to go very far during the cold months.

How Much Would My Plunge Pool Cost?

An entry-level price for a fiberglass plunge pool is between 35K and 40K. Installation includes a variable speed pump, a pool filter, along with full plumbing, main drains,skimmer, and return lines. Other things coming standard are: maintenance kit, test kit, vacuum, robotic pool cleaner, and water to fill the pool as is needed. Limited pool operating expenses may allow you the financial space to really apply a personal touch with many customizable extras that are available. Some of these choices include: LED mood lighting, temperature control, alternative water treatment options, salt generators, and more.

A plunge pool helps you in maximizing your time outdoors without investing in a larger pool. You can swim, float, lay-around, or anything else in your new backyard paradise. We proudly sell and install  fiberglass plunge pools and would be happy to assist you or answer any questions that you may have. Visit one of our three retail locations, give us a call at 603-382-7191, or send us a message here.