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Will a Spa Add Value to Your Home?

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/22/2019

Will a Spa Add Value to Your Home?

It all starts with a vision. An idea to increase your property’s value by taking your outside space to the next level. But can a spa really take you there? Can adding a  Strong Spa to your outdoor space actually increase the value of your home? With proper planning and a well-executed vision, you’ll find that adding a spa will not only enhance your outdoor experience, but can also add tremendous value to your property.

Many people who own homes take pride in them and have been known to spend countless hours working to improve their home’s surroundings. Beautiful landscapes are crafted with many creative features that are stylish but even more important are unique and an expression of the individual homeowner or even the entire family.

These creative spaces also tend to become focal points where time is spent and cherished memories are made. You get so involved with outdoor projects and molding your yard to your liking sometimes you don’t even realize that all of these positive improvements are actually adding value to your entire property.

Major improvements and even smaller scale renovations over time can be expensive and even risky if you are going the DIY way. With the risk certainly comes the reward as recent studies have shown that changes to your home’s outdoor surroundings, can in fact add some serious value to your home and land overall. The study actually said that a major outdoor project can actually add all of the way up to 12.7% or $38,100 for every $300,00 of the actual sale price.

So, with the understanding that improvements do in fact add value, how do you get the most value out of your investment? The answer to this is to have a vision. You should approach the spa or hot tub as a focal point of its surroundings which in no way makes it look like an impulse buy or worse than that, an afterthought. This plan of attack is most likely going to depend on your own interests and what do like and dislike about landscapes. There is no exact blueprint, and you have to remain creative while setting something up. Here’s a few suggestions to help this process along:

Investing in a spa or hot tub is typically a large investment. In fact, it’s most likely going to be the most expensive and the largest (by size) slice of your available outdoor space. Whatever you do you should keep to the rule of thumb that you are designing a landscape around the hot tub. You may want to introduce the spa with a nice stone or brick walkway, surround the spa with a useful deck or select an area to place it strategically like below a terrace or a under a group of trees. Keep in mind the color and design of your spa’s exterior so as to stay consistent with your vision.

Placing it strategically also has some importance in the process. Try not to place it close from the home or in a secluded corner or even randomly in the center of the lawn. Obscure placements will only throw in another level of difficulty in designing the surrounding areas as well as it getting more expensive and discouraging use in the colder months. It would be ideal to place it close to a wall or even a railing near the home, this way you can still have easy access but allows you many options for the surrounding design.

Keep in mind that there really isn’t a blueprint for your outdoor space and one of the points is to have fun with it and enjoy planning and the creative process overall. General ideas include incorporating elements like seashells, or pebbles while utilizing furniture nearby or well-manicured plants to set the scene. Then of course there’s the old standby features that everyone likes such as mood lighting, fountains, waterfalls, speakers, or dozens and dozens of other features. There really are some great things to think about to advance the chances that a buyer would be interested.

Regardless of whether you’re planning on moving in 5 months, 5 years, or have no idea, it’s never a bad thing to add value to your property. Your outdoor space should be a focal point and you may well enjoy taking action on your vision while watching your property value soar. Interested in a spa? Check out our  extensive line of Strong Spas today!

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