Proud Supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem

The Boys & Girls Club of Salem has been a customer of ours since 1989. They were our fourth commercial customer, and we continue to service them today in 2016. We decided to donate this robotic pool cleaner along with Aqua Products, Inc., to help keep the pool clean and safe for all users! The Boys and Girls Club is a significant to our community. They promote positive service to the community along with character and leadership development.

At their aquatic center they teach swimming lessons and help introduce children to swimming, a hobby and sport that is fun and great exercise. They offer open swim times, swimming lessons and even have a swim team! We are happy to support the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem and value their business and long term commitment to the community.

Here some helpful links to their website:

Swim Team The Salem Boys & Girls Club Sea Lion Swim Team provides a competitive, yet fun, environment for our swimmers. Our goal is to develop young swimmers, so they will continue to enjoy their swimming skills throughout their lifetime.

Swim Lessons We strive to offer quality swim lesson programs that offer a variety of classes to meet he needs of the children of all ages and abilities.

Fun & Open Swim We offer a variety of times for members, adults and families to use our pool for leisurely swims, fitness, fun and games.

Check out their Pool Schedule to view their programs happening at the pool.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem
3 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH, 03079
Phon: (603) 898-7709 E-mail: 

 Pictured from left to right is: Scarlette Lablanc (Aquatic Director), Pat O'Keefe (E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc), Colin Hanlon (Executive Director) and Marco Abreu (Director of Operation)


One of the best rewards about running a company or organization is that you have the opportunity to meet fascinating people. In my case I was fortunate to meet Cathy Duffy-Culity CEO of Girl's Incorporated of New Hampshire and Simmie Issenberg of WatotoWorld. Cathy's organization does great work with inspiring young girls to be "Strong, Smart and Bold." Simmie's organization is "dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished orphans in Kenya." Both individuals I worked with first as customers's and both have became close personal friends.

Each exhibits a high level of commitment, dedication and integrity to the organizations they represent. This is why we at E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc. are pound to support both organizations.  Good people doing good work and giving back to the community.  We wish them continued success and future growth in the work they are doing with young children.  If you have the ability to donate to either organization we ask that you do so.  Your time and or money will be well spent.

-Pat O'Keefe & Dave O'Keefe Owners


E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc. is a proud supporter of Girls, Inc!

Girls, Inc

Girls Inc.’s had its beginnings about 150 years ago in cities in the Northeast during the Industrial Revolution. Back then, local chapters sought to meet the needs of girls from working class mill families by providing a place to meet and engage in healthy activities such as performing plays, making their own hats and dresses, dancing and making lasting friendships. In an era of low wages and few opportunities for affordable recreation for young girls, these chapters quickly grew.

E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc is a proud supporter of Girls, Inc

Girls Inc. is now a nationally recognized non-profit organization (since 1945) with local chapters spread across the country. Although times have changed, as well as some of the activities, Girls Inc. has always sought to improve the lives of girls and young women by inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold. The organization promotes education and improvement with common themes – media and economic literacy, health, violence prevention, and participation in sports and other physical activities.

Their mission sums it up: “To help girls achieve their personal best through one-on-one attention, leadership development, a talented staff and volunteers, a wide range of enrichment programs, and a caring family environment.”

To learn more about Girls, Inc visit their website or Facebook page.


E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc. is a proud supporter of WatotoWorld!


WatotoWorld Logo

Watoto World Center officially opened in September 2013. WWC is now home to 20 children, ranging from 4 to 15 years of age, all of whom attend primary school during the day.  We wish to accommodate more children, but because the home is at capacity and resources are limited, we are forced to turn many away.

Short term, WatotoWorld's mission is to rescue and rehabilitate more orphans and vulnerable children, while at the same time expanding the new WatotoWorld facility.  In addition, we continue to work on self-sustaining projects while providing the necessary support and education for eventual independence.

Currently, most projects of this kind are concentrated within major urban centers.  WatotoWorld's focus is on the rural hinterlands.  With success in this area, it is our goal to motivate institutions, government and donor agencies and individuals to go to work in these neglected areas that present a socio-economic time bomb.

With your support, WatotoWorld can continue to address the critical need to reach rural areas and promote social and economic empowerment to disadvantaged people. Thank you for your consideration. 

WatotoWorld, Inc. does not deduct administrative costs from donations.  100% of funds raised go directly to the children.

To learn more, please visit the WatotoWorld website and WatotoWorld, Inc on Facebook