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DEL OZONE 50 Ozone Generator for Residential Pools, 50,000 Gallons, 110V/240V, EC-20

DEL OZONE 50 Ozone Generator for Residential Pools, 50,000 Gallons, 110V/240V, EC-20

Mfg #: EC-20

SKU: EC-20

UPC: 793573057020

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DEL Ozone 50 for pools up to 50,000 gallons

DEL Ozone systems provide cleaner, clearer, safer water for your pool as well as a significant reduction in chemical use. Our ozone systems provide modern technology, high performance and unsurpassed life expectancy.

All DEL Ozone products feature Advanced Plasma Gap™ (APG) ozone cells. This patented technology is superior to UV style ozone generation and older CD cell units, generating more ozone per cell and outperforming over the life of the unit.


Ozone is a powerful oxidizer, destroying dangerous organisms and pathogens including chlorine resistant contaminants.

Chloramines smell bad, inhibit free chlorine and lower water quality. Ozone breaks these down so chlorine can work better.

Ozone acts as a micro-flocculent, essentially “polishing” the water for a crystal clear look you have to see to believe.

Ozone frees up chlorine to work better. This means you can add less chlorine while still maintaining a safe residual


  • Kills 99.99% of microorganisms
  • Won't leave behind unwanted byproducts commonly found when using bromine and chlorine systems.
  • Unique design that is water back flow resistant
  • Reliable and consistent ozone output
  • More energy efficient than UV ozone systems
  • Indicator light to verify the unit is operating properly
  • Average ozone cell life of 5+ years
  • Auto voltage sensing for installation versatility
  • 1 Year manufacturers warranty.