Dolphin Triton
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Dolphin Triton Pool Cleaner
(Maytronics 99996356)
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Product Description

The Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner is recommended for in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet in length and will clean your pool walls, floor and cove. The Triton Scrubs, vacuum and filters all pool surfaces in just 3 hours and is Self-programming for optimal pool scanning to ensure a clean pool in just 3 hours or less. It includes an easy-to-clean cartridge filter, additional spring filter, swivel cable and caddy for easy portability. The standard cartridge filters are capable of picking up small, fine debris and the spring clean up filters are designed to only pick up larger debris.

The robotic cleaner is extremely easy to use with simple plug-n-play technology. Just plug it in, push the start button and watch it go. There aren't any connections to your pool system or pre-installation needed. The Dolphin Triton is an advanced robotic cleaner with exceptional features and patented technology at an affordable price.

Dolphin Triton Features

  • Scrubs, vacuums and filters all pool surfaces in just 3 hours.
  • Convenient cartridge filter system that's easy to clean and includes a spring clean-up option.
  • Patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling
  • Includes caddy for portability and storage
  • Incredibly efficient - costs less than 15 cents to clean the pool.
  • Plug-n-play. No pre-installation needed, no connections to pool system.
  • Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning.
  • 24 month warranty - spare parts and labor.
  • Remote Control Ready (Remote Controller Sold Separately)

Dolphin Triton Specifications

  • Cycle time: 3 hours
  • Cable length: 60 ft.
  • Filter: Fine porosity
  • Suction rate: 4,233 gal (USA) per hour
  • Unit weight: 18.75 lbs
  • Maytronics 99996356

Warranty Information

2 Years

Product Reviews


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  1. Five Stars

    Cleans with no intervention. A real worksaver!

  2. Perfect!

    Really?? I have been cleaning the pool by hand all this time!!! Works great!!

  3. Absolute hands down best pool cleaner made. Wow

    The machine itself is very simple to get running, u have basically 3 buttons. Setting one is once a day for a week, button two is every other day for a week and button 3 is every 3rd day or something like that. I think everyone will probably use setting one, once a day, for a week. Then u have to manually press the select one again to get it to start another week. But this is worlds different than every other cleaner as u have to manually be there to start it each time, this one can do it's own thing for a week without u being near! The greatest feature of it!

    It does climb my liner pool all the way up the water line, as this is the true first cleaner that does that. Most others made it about 1/2 up the walls.

    This has a computer that makes it not go over the same place and actually clean your entire pool not just hit and miss like most others! I can't say good enough about this sweeper, I rarely put it on the caddy, only when we swim really and on/off the caddy is super quick!

  4. Spend more time enjoying your pool on the weekends, and much less time cleaning it!

    The cleaner is still going strong starting this summer. I think that my cartridges need to be replaced soon after using the cleaner throughout most the Texas winter to keep a majority of the debris out of the pool. The cartridges don't have as good a flow through while cleaning them as when I have started and I have noticed a slight decrease in the pick up rate of the cleaner. Given the limited capacity for leaves and the propensity for my neighbors tree to drop them I would often do a quick leaf scoop by hand before turning this guy on. I will definitely be upgrading to the debris bag for the next offseason. This device has proven worth the added expense and I am expecting much greater capacity with that optional piece.

    A few months ago I performed a thorough cleaning of the unit taking apart several of the components to clean out debris that had lodged in with the rollers. Most importantly I cleaned out the impeller shaft by removing the plastic screen on top of the unit. This is done by removing two screws and prying out the plastic screen piece. Once its off you can remove of anything that has gotten wrapped up. I had hair wrapped up on the impeller (could be the dog, could be from people hard to say...:). Obviously do this with the thing unplugged. I did not see any concern with the rollers or other components that might wear out. I do keep it in my garage between cleanings. I will update again if I get the debris bag or have any issues.