Brass Anchor Removal Kit (99209100020)
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GLI Brass Anchor Removal Kit

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     Brand: GLI
     Mfg # 99209100020
     UPC: 060993012497
     Condition: New

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Product Description

Brass Anchor Removal Kit makes quick work of getting swimming pool cover anchors changed so you can spend your time enjoying your pool instead of working on it.

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  1. Great product

    It completed the job and I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get it fixed.

  2. Almost Worked

    So the first thing to note is there is no instructions on this page and there is no instructions that come with it. That loses a star already. Lucky some other review left info on how to use the kit. I got 3 stripped anchors out before it got stuck together. The Anchor I removed, the screw rod, the metal pipe piece and the nut are stuck and I can’t unstick them. I didn’t need the drill bit to begin with and finding all the parts would be difficult and now I’ve got the tap, the bit I don’t need and a bunch of stuck parts. It does not seem worth it to pay $37 for another kit since I don’t need all the parts and it seems it will get stuck again.

  3. right idea needs more work

    The theory is correct and was able to pull one anchor. was unable to remove the all thread from the anchor without damaging threads. a bolt would work better giving something to grip. Also it will have to be a strong bolt as i have attempted to replace the all thread and broke a bolt attempting to remove an anchor.

  4. A MUST HAVE TOOL if you have safety cover with brass anchors!

    Makes it incredibly easy to replace damaged/worn brass anchors. Just drill into brass anchor.
    Use the tap to create threads in the hole you drilled. Insert the threaded rod into the brass anchor. Place metal ring around anchor, then place metal plate onto threaded rod. Tighten the included nut on the rod and it slowly pulls out the old anchor from cement. Really simple and does a perfect job every time. I replaced six anchors in under 45 mins. Just be sure you purchase a brass anchor tamp tool (odd that EZ test doesn't carry them).