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Jack's Magic The All Fixed Up Stuff 32 Oz, JMALL032

Jack's Magic The All Fixed Up Stuff 32 Oz, JMALL032


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Jack's Magic(R) JMALL032 The All Fixed Up Stuff; 32 oz

The All Fixed Up Stuff includes a super strength clarifier to make your pool water sparkle. This is a very popular product and requires a dosage of 4 oz. per 10,000 gallons of pool water once per week. For chlorine and bromine pools go ahead and add 1 pound of granular chlorine or one gallon of liquid chlorine per 4 ounces of All Fixed Up. Using Biguanide? Add a half a gallon of non-chlorine peroxide shock.

Works the best when applying a pool shock and helps save to significant time during your weekly pool maintenance routine. The All Fixed Up Stuff is a powerful liquid formula that clumps together microscopic particles and allows them to be trapped by your pool’s filter system. It’s compatible with all pool liner types.