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Jack's Magic The Emerald Stuff, Clarifier, 32 Oz, JMEMERALD032

Jack's Magic The Emerald Stuff, Clarifier, 32 Oz, JMEMERALD032


SKU: JCK-50-857

UPC: 734040040022

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Jack's Magic(R) JMEMERALD The Emerald Stuff; 32 oz

The Emerald Stuff from Jack’s Magic is a four in one product that is a clarifier, a flocculant, a chelator, and a sequestrant all at the same time. It effectively removes the contaminants in a pool that cause those pesky, unwanted stains, discolorations, and murky, cloudy water. The Emerald Stuff needs no premixing, doesn’t alter pH and works to remove all oils, soaps, metals, and other matter that has the potential to cause staining while also increasing filter effectiveness. It works with all swimming pool sanitizing systems to provide crystal clear water without the time and hassle you would normally spend working on your pool.