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Kem-Tek 1" Chlorinating Tablets for Pools & Spas, 1.5lbs, 26439047601

Kem-Tek 1" Chlorinating Tablets for Pools & Spas, 1.5lbs, 26439047601

Mfg #: 26439047601

SKU: KTK-50-0016

UPC: 41596028153

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Kem-Tek(R) 26439047601 Chlorinating Tablets - 1 Inch; 1.5 lb 


  • Size: 1.5 lbs
  • 1" tablet size
  • Slow dissolving for maximum effectiveness
  • Fits easily in chlorine floaters or feeders
  • Crumble resistant manufacturing
  • 95% Tri-Chlor
  • 85% Available Chlorine
  • Ideal for Above Ground Pools & Spas

Alternatives to Consider

OnGuard 1" Maxi-Clor Chlorinating Tablets offer the same convenience and performance as Kem-Tek brand chlorinating tablets at a better price. Read more about the OnGuard 1" Maxi-Clor Chlorinating Tablets.


Additional Information

Kem-Tek 1" Chlorinating Tablets for Pools & Spas are a popular and effective way to keep pool and spa water clean and healthy. These tablets contain stabilized chlorine, which provides a long-lasting source of chlorine for maintaining pool and spa water. One of the benefits of these tablets is that they are designed to dissolve slowly, providing a consistent source of chlorine for up to one week. This helps to reduce the need for frequent applications and makes it easier to maintain a consistent chlorine level in the pool and spa water.

In addition to providing chlorine, the tablets also contain a blend of clarifiers and other pool maintenance chemicals that help to keep the pool and spa water clear and sparkling. This helps to prevent cloudy water, which can be unattractive and can also make it more difficult to maintain the chemical balance of the pool and spa water. Another benefit of Kem-Tek 1" Chlorinating Tablets is that they are compatible with all types of pool and spa surfaces and filters. This makes them a versatile choice for pool and spa owners who want to keep their water clean and healthy without having to worry about damaging their pool or spa equipment.


1 Reviews

  • Posted by Jesse on Apr 28 2020


    Easy Peasy to Use

    I use two tablets at a time in a floating dispenser in a four-person hot tub. Even after months of use, but continually using these tablets (with short rests in between of maybe a day or two here and there), my water always looks pristine without a heavy bleach smell. This single container lasted more than six months, so they go a long way.