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LaMotte Insta-Test 4 Plus Test Strips (50 pack), 3029

LaMotte Insta-Test 4 Plus Test Strips (50 pack), 3029

Mfg #: 3029

SKU: LAM-47-777

UPC: 637395446153

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The Insta-TEST® 4 Plus pool & spa strip measures Free Chlorine 0-10 ppm, Bromine 0-20 ppm, Total Alkalinity 0-240 ppm, pH 6.2-9.0, and Total Hardness 0-800 ppm. This test strip is a dip-n-read strip with instant results. Each bottle includes 50 test strips packaged in a waterproof PopTop bottle with a hinged cap.

The bottle has a molded desiccant liner, which protects the strips from moisture and UV light. The Insta-TEST® 4 Plus strip is ideal for spa owners who need the most critical tests for perfect water balance. This product can be purchased with English only text or trilingual (English, Spanish, French) instructions.



14 Reviews

  • Posted by HGAZ on 05/06/2021


    The strips work so if you are not getting a good read then it IS THE WATER!!

    Funny thing was for a month I was not getting a read on the Bromine at all, like nothing. I was unsure what to do so since there were only 10 that came in the Spa Choice Kit I ordered more and tried again still no luck. Literally everything else was perfect but no bromine. The after a shock test from theomine kit and added two ore tablets I got a perfect reading. Yahoo!

  • Posted by Coppet on 04/22/2021


    Color development seems to be better for pH and alkalinity than some other test strips ...

    Color development seems to be better for pH and alkalinity than some other test strips I've used. Free Cl is also relatively easy to read. Mainly, though, I find the reagent chips do not bleed, which helps reading clarity a lot. So, as one of the less expensive test kits, I think this one is a bargain.

  • Posted by Masterprof on 10/07/2020


    LaMotte is better than choices from big box

    accurate. however, I like Lamottes with more features, items to check. hard to find.

  • Posted by Darla BW on 10/03/2020


    Love these!

    Quick an easy to use! We love these!

  • Posted by kitty on 07/22/2020


    Best pool test strips!

    I could not find these strips last year and ordered others that were more expensive. The more expensive ones did not work. I found these again this year and purchased them. They are the best for testing your pool water. They are very responsive and easy to read.

  • Posted by M. Franze on 04/12/2020



    This is a must have for hot tub owners. Same product as at the local pool shop. Very accurate as compared to water testing at pool shop. pH a little difficult to read due to how close the colors are. Recommended.

  • Posted by Kurt B. on 04/11/2020


    Just what I needed

    Easy to use!

  • Posted by Kuala on 04/03/2020


    Good price for daily limited info test strips

    I use a chemical test kit weekly but like these for a quick check daily at reasonable cost. I also alternately use the other more detailed LaMotte strips that give more information but cost a little more. They save the cost of replacing test kit reagents as frequently and always give reliable readings close to the reagent test kit readings. Judging colors for accurate information is reasonable considering the substance being tested and the limited concerns for accuracy varience.

  • Posted by Sherri Lee on 01/06/2020


    We have tried a few others but this came out on top

    I use these for my plug N Play hottub. They are what the store we got the hot tub from recommended. We have tried a few others but this particular one is very user friendly in comparison. Perfect for those who are new to the testing of water and balancing chemicals.

  • Posted by kenstaff on 12/17/2019


    Test Strips

    Ordered these and received them on a timely manner. They seem to work just fine.