Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic Monthly Maintenance Kit, NC07404

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Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic Monthly Maintenance Kit, NC07404

Natural Chemistry's Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit enables pool owners to keep their chlorine generators running smoothly simply by adding this kit, which dissolves pool salt, removes phosphates to kill algae, and neutralizes metals to maintain optimal pool health and cleanliness. Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit also includes a conditioner to protect pool water from UV loss and a stabilizer to lock in your pool's pH level to maximize chlorine effectiveness. All these factors create a well-balanced, clean system that will enable your system's chlorine generator to run a peak performance.

Kit Includes:

  • 33.9oz Salt Water Magic Liquid
  • 33.9oz Cell Protect

Benefits of the Salt Water Magic System:

  • Phosphate Remover: reduces phosphate levels. Low phosphate levels help prevent calcium phosphate buildup on the cell and pool equipment
  • Naturally Based Enzymes: reduce non-living organic buildup in water, on pool surfaces, and in filter media. This minimizes maintenance and scrubbing - resulting in crystal clear water and a reduction in scum lines
  • Metal Deactivator: powerful chelating agent helps protect the pool surfaces from metal staining
  • Scale Inhibitor: prevents damaging scale buildup from calcium and other minerals from forming on pool surfaces and generator/electrolytic cell