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Paramount 2" 2-Port Valve Shell, Black, 005-302-4102-03

Paramount 2" 2-Port Valve Shell, Black, 005-302-4102-03

Mfg #: 005-302-4102-03

SKU: PMT-201-985

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Replacement Shell for the Paramount 2 Port Water Valve (2 inches). Module not included.

Replaces 2 Port Valve Shell for PCC 2000, Pool Valet, PV3, Cyclean, Vanquish, and Vantage In-Floor Cleaning Systems.

The Paramount water valve is fully automatic and operates whenever the pump it’s connected to is running. Your Paramount Water Valve may be connected to your filter pump or a stand-alone “booster” pump. The water valve automatically distributes water to different areas of your pool, which can include the floor, steps, benches, spa and water features. It cycles much like an automatic sprinkler system in your yard switching from one circuit to another. Every water valve has a center port. This is where the water enters the valve. You will have a 2-port, 3-port, 6-port, 9-port or 12-port system depending on the design of your pool. The port count of the water valve indicates the number of circuits that send water back to your pool or to another water valve.