Paramount iJet Variable Speed Slip Return, 1.5" Knock In, Light Gray, 004-252-3060-08

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004-252-3060-08 |
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Paramount 004-252-3060-08 iJet Variable Speed Slip Return; 1-1/2 Inch Knock In; Light Gray

Product Features

  • Allows you to run your pump at lower energy saving speeds while still giving you maximum water velocity and circulation
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Maintains optimal return velocity as the filter becomes clogged
  • Delivers optimal flow for existing single speed pumps
  • The silicone diaphragm is durable and resistant to chemicals
  • The iJet’s soft silicone diaphragm design is safe
  • Self-adjusts to create balanced return velocity for poorly balanced, unevenly plumbed filtration systems with or without a variable speed pump
  • Efficiently and effectively circulates chemicals and directs debris towards your skimmer with your variable speed pump running at any speed saving you time and money
  • Universal for all plumbing, available in threaded or knock-in
  • iJet adjusts its orifice to maximize water velocity
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