Pentair R171026 302 Off-Line Spa Chlorinator

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R171026 |
RAI-45-912 |
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Pentair R171026 302 Off-Line Spa Chlorinator with Spa Chamber For 15 Small Tablets

The Efficient, Easy Way To Sanitize Your Pool Or Spa

Rainbow Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Feeders high capacity feeders are one of the easiest ways to sanitize large residential and commercial swimming pools using either chlorine or bromine slow dissolve tablets or sticks. These heavy-duty, high capacity feeders provide automatic sanitization for pools up to 332,000 gallons.

The freestanding Model 300 feeder and the in-line Model 320 feeder both feature an external fine-control valve that lets you adjust the feed rate to meet specific pool or spa requirements. The Model 300 feeder is ideal for retrofitting existing pools for automatic sanitization. The Model 320 feeder is designed for permanent installation in the return line of new or existing systems and dispenses sanitizer directly into your pool or spa, downstream of all equipment.
Completely enclosed systems—no escaping fumes.
Simple, trouble-free designs—no special venting required.
Top loading makes it easy to add chemicals. Also available in clear amber for easy tablet viewing.
The feeder extensions increase tablet or stick capacity, so you can vacation without worrying about running out of chlorine.

Standard with 2 in. slip PVC fittings and adapters for 1-1/2 in. Holds 15 small tablets. Treats 500 to 2.000 gallons.

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