ProTeam PolyQuat 60 Algaecide 1 Qt., C003098-CS20Q

Mfg #:
C003098-CS20Q |
PTM-50-9003 |
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ProTeam Polyquat 60 1 gt

PolyQuat 60 is effective at killing most algae types and is also used to control the growth of all types of algae in swimming pools, spas, whirlpools, hot tubs and decorative fountains.


  • Highly concentrated algaecide
  • Non-metallic, non-foaming
  • pH neutral, Effective in a wide pH range
  • Not affected by elevated levels of sanitizer in water
  • Swim immediately after application
  • Compatible with all sanitizing and oxidizing systems


  • Greatly inhibits algae growth
  • Effective against all types of algae
  • Consistent use can reduce the amount of sanitizer normally required
  • Superior water clarity
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