Spa Essentials Brominating Tablets
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Spa Essentials Bromine Sanitizer Tablets 4.5lbs
(Spa Essentials 32310000)
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Product Description

Spa Essentials Sanitizer Brominating Tablets

Use these brominating tablets from Spa Essentials to clean and sanitize the water in your spa. 

4.5 lbs

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  1. Nice to have a slowly dissolving tablet.

    A friend told me to switch to bromine after having sensitivities to chlorine. In addition to these tablets, we also got the concentrate as I heard the tablets dissolve very slowly. That is true! Needed to use the concentrate crystals for the first few days, and needed to throw about 6 of these tablets in the floatie. After a few days it got up to proper level and has maintained that since. It's been over two weeks and the same six tablets are still dissolving.... and keeping proper chemical levels.