Spa Essentials Calcium Hardness Increaser
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Spa Essentials Calcium Hardness Increaser

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Product Description

Spa Essentials Calcium Hardness Increaser provides spa owners with an easy and effective way to increase their spa calcium hardness levels to problems that will affect the long-term life of their spas. Calcium Hardness Increaser raises and helps maintain the proper levels of calcium, which when imbalanced will cause corrosive damage to spa equipment, fixtures, and tub surfaces. This one-step treatment will make owning and enjoying a spa easier than ever.

Product Dosage

1 tsp per 100 gallons will raise hardness by 8 ppm

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  1. It works.

    i have soft water..hence me buying this. my soft was reading 25 ppm. 3/4 this bottle was needed to bring it to the levels i needed. did the job though..just wish i didn't have to use so much.