Spa Essentials pH Decreaser
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Spa Essentials pH Decreaser
(Spa Essentials 32519000)
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Product Description

Spa Essentials pH Decreaser gives spa owners with an effective way to reduce the pH level and alkalinity of their spas, preventing cloudy water and scale build-up which high pH levels create. Lowering your pH level, along with alkalinity, will make you spa more comfortable for bathers. Care must be taken to not lower the pH too much, which will cause equipment damage from corrosion, but to strive for a chemically balanced spa. Once chemically balanced, you could use Spa Essentials pH Anchor to lock in your desired pH level, allowing you to enjoy your spa for years to come.


Sodium Bisulfate: 93.2%, Other Ingredients: 6.9%

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  1. Four Stars

    Spa Essentials is my go to brand for hot tub maintenance