Spa Pure pH Up 1 Lb., C002579-CS20B6

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SpaPure C002579-CS20B6 pH Up

Spa Pure pH Up is used to raise pH levels in your spa. pH is a measurement of the acidity of the spa's water. The optimal range for pH is between 7.4 and 7.6 for sanitizer effectiveness and protection of the spa parts and equipment, as well as user comfort.

The SpaPure pH Up product is a high quality pH balancer. This product will ensure safe pH levels in your spa or hot tub. If the pH levels start to drop to low then the water will become corrosive and irritate skin or damage spa equipment if left untreated. This product is compatible with chlorine, bromine, silver-mineral, and ozone-treated spas.


Chemical Composition 90 - 100% DISODIUM CARBONATE
Color White
Size 16 oz
Form Granules
Odor Odorless
pHRating 11.4 (1% Solution)
ProductType Balancers
Solubility 33.2% Maximum



Material Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet