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Splash D.E. Powder, DE4X6

Splash D.E. Powder, DE4X6

Mfg #: DEB24

SKU: AAA-06-8656

UPC: 786224112414

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D.E. Filter Powder, 6 Lb. Pouch


Splash diatomaceous earth powder is an all-natural, porous powder derived from the tiny fossilized exoskeletons of algae-like water plants known as diatoms. When used in D.E. filter systems, diatomaceous earth powder provides a remarkable filtration media, trapping debris and contaminant particles ranging from leaves and dirt to bacteria and other microorganisms. Fresh diatomaceous earth powder is required every time you backwash your D.E. filter and will keep your filter working at peak performance. This D.E. filter powder is of the highest quality and will provide you with outstanding filtration results that will leave your pool water sparkling clean.

1 Reviews

  • Posted by eric on Aug 19 2017


    very convenient

    conveniently packaged in single use 6lb size bags