Ultima S.O.S. Shock Oxidizer Sanitizer (1 Bag, 1 lb.)

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Ultima S.O.S. is a multi-functional shock that oxidizes and boosts free chlorine concentrations creating clean, clear water fast. The unique formulation contains a powerful clarifier, oxidizer and chlorinating agent and will not affect the water's pH, total alkalinity or calcium levels. The built-in clarifier ensures contaminants are more readily removed by routine filtration which prevents dull, hazy water. You can swim in as little as 15 minutes after S.O.S. works its 4-in-1 action to eliminate organic wastes.

Ultima S.O.S. Features

  • Contains Oxone by DuPont
  • Boosts free chlorine levels
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Contains no calcium
  • Buffered; will not affect water balance
  • Only 1 lb. treats 10,000 gallons
  • Features 4-in-1 action: shocks, oxidizes, sanitizes and boosts free chlorine

Ultima S.O.S. Applications

Use weekly to maintain sparkling clean water.

S.O.S. Resources

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Since S.O.S. is buffered, it will not affect water balance. S.O.S. is specially formulated to prevent dull, hazy water. Add S.O.S. to pool water every week to oxidize contaminants introduced by bathers and to maintain sparkling clean water.

Compatible With

Chlorine, bromine, ozone and salt water sanitizing systems


S.O.S. is a quick-dissolving shock, oxidizer and sanitizer in one.


  • 15% dichlor
  • 72% Oxone
  • 13% buffers and clarifying agents


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    Ultima S.O.S. Shock Oxidizer Sanitizer

    Posted by Susan on Jun 17 2019

    Your cost is so much cheaper than where I was getting this. I have been using this for years. Great stuff!