Zodiac TR2D IG Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Mfg #:
WS000016 |

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Featuring a sleek and streamlined body style, TR2D is compact, light, and moves dynamically in the pool. The design of TR2D with durable yet lightweight materials leads to greater efficiency and versatility. This disc-style cleaner requires less maintenance while providing excellent performance.


  • Unique, Streamlined Body Design - Allows for dynamic movement under water.
  • Dura Life™ Diaphragm - Reliable power source provides maximum durability and silent operation.
  • Wheel Deflector/Quick Connector - Enables fluid navigation around corners, steps and ladders. Easily and securely connects to cleaner head.
  • Twist Locking Hose - Provides simple connection and reduces vacuum loss. Comes with 10 1-meter hose sections (33 feet).
  • Single-Finned Disc Technology - 14”disc diameter for greater agility in tight corners, and unimpaired cleaning over lights, main drains and wall fittings. Suitable for all surfaces.