Leisure Time Jet Clean

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  • Add Jet Clean before the water is drained to prevent buildup that can restrict water flow and damage equipment.
  • Compatible with all sanitizers including chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide


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    I did not know this product existed until a month ago, and now will never change water without it.

    Posted by SciFi-Fan on Jan 12 2017

    Last month I ordered 3 different Leisure Time products for my Hot-Tub's annual maintenance. Two of these products I loved ("Bright & Clear" and this product: "Jet Clean"). The "Renu2" was the only one of the three I wouldn't buy again.

    I didn't use this product as the directions stated for my Marquis Spirit Spa. Being a small (2-3 person) spa, I poured the contents into the spa and immediately began to get a foam head on the water. Then using my 6" fish aquarium net, started scooping the foam out of the spa and into the concrete floor. After I had added this product to my spa and let it run 20 minutes, I switched the diverter to allow different jets to come on and when I did I could see brown slug come out of the jets when they were first turned on!! I switched back and forth between the jets for over an hour. Then let the water sit an hour, and repeated for 20 minutes before draining. The advantage to me of doing this is that by removing 90 percent of the contaminants in my water before even draining it, they weren't left in the pvc pipes and recycled into my tub.

    All in all, I highly recommend this product. Before I bought this my wife wouldn't even use the hot-tub because even after draining it and replacing the filter she thought the water was still dirty (and it was). The combination of this product and "Bright & Clear" made my 3 year old Spa look/feel new again. I can't believe how clear the water is now, and also I didn't see anyone else mention it, but leaving this in the spa for almost 2 hours broke up a lot of the calcium/lime/hardness deposits around the jets. After this treatment, all the jets could be turned on/off so much more smoothly.

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    Awesome, if you ignore the instructions!

    Posted by M. S. Goulbourne on Jan 12 2017

    When I first ordered this stuff I was having issues with my hot tub which I hoped it would resolve. I was getting “grit” in the jet nozzles. I followed the instructions on the bottle (dumped the contents in the tub and left it for an hour or so, ran the jets a couple of times and then drained it). Well it did absolutely nothing. So the next couple of drain and fills I didn’t bother with it. Then I did a water change about a month ago and I decided to try it again as the problems were persisting. This time I ignored the instructions and left the solution in the tub for over 24hrs, running the jets 5-6 times. I then did the drain and fill and the tub is now AWESOME! All jets are clear of all “grit” and the water looks clearer as I think it’s cleaned out the pipe work too. I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND this if you ignore the instructions! It would have got 5 Stars if their instructions had been more accurate.

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    Cleaned out the Tub

    Posted by M. Anderson on Aug 30 2016

    Did a great job of cleaning out the tub and jets. After I used the entire bottle and hit the jets it really foamed up. I then drained and the tub was really clean. Picture of the foaming after I ran the jets before draining it.