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Spa Heat Retention and Managing Power Consumption

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Investing in a spa or a hot tub is a decision that brings the ultimate in relaxation and serenity. While we fully expect your happiness to skyrocket, we do not expect your energy consumption and power bill to also reach the stars. A therapeutic soak is the goal while a financial soak is not. To keep the numbers on the bill down and your enjoyment up, we present some great energy saving tips that are easy to follow and easy to implement.

The Cover Really is Important

Just like you wouldn’t open all of the windows in your home during the wicked winter weather, you will want to ensure that your protective and insulative cover are dialed in for maximum heat retention. Make sure that your spa cover is not too loose and doesn’t have cracks or defects. If it does, you are just setting yourself up for a hit to the wallet.

The Strong Spas that we offer have a Dura-Shield cover that has an amazing lifetime warranty while providing the best thermal efficiency available. Composed of a hard-protective material, the inside is actually made of layers of a specially made foam that goes to work saving you heat, money, and worry.

Beware of the Wind

A light breeze in some seasons can be really nice while using the hot tub, but the wind is not your friend. The wind barrels through and has a cooling effect on the spa as it blows over it. The wind actually also works to accelerate the water evaporation process which does not help your efforts as you have to add more water and work to reheat it. On some models, the wind can actually penetrate into the cabinets and internal components and can alter the ability of the tub to heat. A resolution to this problem would be to selectively install something that will break the wind as it whips across the area where your spa is. This wind break could be something like a fence, bushes, hedges, privacy panels or something else entirely, the idea of a wind protector is very advantageous to retaining heat.

Temperature Down Savings Up

It’s very typical to run your hot tub at the suggested 104 degrees. This temperature is really nice, but if you turned it down to say 102 degrees, would you even notice? If you move your ideal number down it certainly is easier to meet. The systems aren’t working as hard and external circumstances may not come into play quite as much. Do you know if this will work for you? Give it a whirl and see.

Monitor Those Settings

Conserving energy and getting to an optimal and manageable temperature may just be as simple as turning everything down during times where you know that you will not be using your spa. Times like vacations, weekend trips, the summer months etc. could be excellent periods to actively manage power consumption.

Hopefully these tips will go a long way in dropping you monthly power bill and get you on your way to establishing a routine that is beneficial to power management but doesn’t inconvenience your ability to indulge in your personal oasis.

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