Spa Season Off to a Strong Start!

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Spa Season Off to a Strong Start!

As cooler temperatures signal the return of "spa season" (as if there's really a time not to enjoy luxurious, therapeutic relaxation!), now is prime time to consider owning a hot tub if you don't already. In this blog we'd like to take the time to highlight two great spa models from Strong™ brand spas.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we take tremendous pride in offering only top-quality products and services. Which is why it was a total no-brainer to offer our customers these two Strong brand spas - the SL40 & the G-2L. We believe that there are many things about these tubs and the brand that set it apart from others - quality of construction (still proudly made in the USA), features, unsurpassed warranty, as well as the value and savings that these spas will give back to you over the years.

Both spas seat 5-6 people, offer a lounger seating for ultimate relaxation, use easy to operate modern LED lit controls, come equipped with Bluetooth stereo system, and have on board ozonator systems (which not only help keep the water crystal clear, but also allow for reduced chemical usage and lengthen times between water changes).

The real kicker that makes these spas well worth the investment is in two great features offered. Both units come with a lifetime warranty on the shells (something many tubs simply don't offer). Also these tubs come standard with a lifetime warranty on their easy to use, patented cover system. Where most tubs come with foam core and vinyl exterior covers that need replacement on average every 2-3 years, these tubs from Strong Spas come with their own DuraShield™ cover system. Unlike foam covers which quickly get waterlogged, both of these spas are made with a resilient hard resin plastic hollow shell and are filled with Strong Spas proprietary insulating foam. Add to this a mechanism that opens and closes the cover as easily as a car door and you have cover like no other spa offers! These covers simply have to be seen and operated to believe just how great of a feature they are.

When it comes to covers here are the choices - a standard foam core vinyl cover that either needs replacement every 2-3 years at approximately $550-900 a pop, or possibly stretching the time on a waterlogged cover losing money daily on heat/electrical and chemical costs...OR a lifetime warranty cover that is resilient, strong, safe, beautiful and a cinch to operate that will outlast countless "old school" spa covers. This single feature alone may save you thousands of dollars literally over the life of the tub!

These spas are beautiful, well made (the only hot tub brand with plant operation in the USA), and will give you and your family years of enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Call or stop by our stores for more information on these tubs. You'll be glad you did!

But first a few quick questions to see if a hot tub is really right for you:

  • Do you want a less stressed, and calmer mind and body?
  • Are you looking for a healthy way to melt away tension and bring back your youthful energy?
  • Do you like having a positive activity that you can enjoy with your family, and loved ones, that you can enjoy on a daily basis without even having to leave home?
  • Do you want a new habit that can add years to your life (as well as quality of life)?

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