The Dolphin Wave 200XL

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The Dolphin Wave 200XL –

Your Commercial Pool Will Flip Over This Robotic Cleaner!

Do you maintain a commercial pool? If you do, I’m sure you are well aware of the many challenges you might encounter in the course of maintaining the pool. After all, with all the demands of high bather load and other concerns, a clean, clear pool with healthy, inviting water doesn’t just happen!

Here’s a short list of the many challenges you could easily run into regularly –

  • Cloudy water
  • Need for long hours of filtration (and high associated energy costs)
  • Inadequate water turnover
  • Hours of brushing needed
  • Inefficient use of chemicals
  • Removal of larger & fine debris
  • Dead spots due to poor circulation

Phew! So many concerns and so little time! Not to mention the staff time needed to keep up with all this.

This is where the Dolphin Wave 200XL commercial robotic pool cleaner (from Maytronics) comes in really handy. The Dolphin Wave 200XL is designed specifically for the high demands of commercial pools. First, let’s get into some of its general features.

Ease of use is the first order of business. Features such as a user-friendly LCD screen on the controller, simple commands & settings (allowing 1-8 hour cycle times), quick open and disassembly of the 2-layer clog-free spiral flow filtration system, drive-to-pool and drive-home features (meaning the unit heads for and enters the pool at the beginning of its job, and returns to the where it started at the end!). Quick and simple access to the drive and pump motor means great serviceability too!

The Dolphin Wave 200XL also comes with a remote control for targeting cleanup in specific areas of the pool, a heavy duty caddy for convenient storage and mobility, and a 115 foot cord that winds on a convenient cord reel.

The Wave 200XL is as great a performer as it is easy to use, too. Dual-action brushes that spin at 1.5 times the unit speed make for greater brushing power. Two Kevlar tank tracks on each side of the unit ensure the Dolphin Wave 200XL will move confidently across the pool floor without wearing or stretching out easily. A high flow rate of 150 GPM (gallons per minute), and unit speed up to 41 feet per minute translates to a lot of water filtered and a lot of pool covered in no time flat!So here’s that list again with what you can expect the Dolphin 200XL to do to make your life easier:

  • Cloudy water – filtration of particles down to 50 microns combats cloudy water.
  • Need for long hours of filtration (and high associated energy costs) – it’s just like putting another filter (that’s fully mobile) inside the pool! The unit’s low power consumption may even mean less hours needed for the pool pump(s), resulting in big energy cost savings over a short amount of time.
  • Inadequate water turnover – adding a 150 GPM flow rate to your pool’s pump & filter will do wonders for water turnover.
  • Hours of brushing needed – Dual action front and rear brushes spinning at 1.5 times the unit speed help remove algae, dirt, and bacteria from surfaces maximizing pool cleanliness.
  • Inefficient use of chemicals - Systematic brushing also helps stir up pool chemicals that often have fallen dormant onto the bottom instead of circulating throughout the pool where they are of better use. Another way to save money.
  • Removal of larger & fine debris - the spiral 2-layer filtration system allows even the smallest debris to be picked up and separated while preventing premature clogging of the unit.
  • Dead spots due to poor circulation – Many pools will have problem areas that water circulation simply doesn’t reach. Putting the Wave 200XL in the pool means water will flow through ALL parts of the pool and prevent issues before they start!

But don't simply take our word for it. We love hearing all the great feedback from our commercial accounts!

The folks in charge of the pool at Bates College have made great use of their Dolphin

Wave 200XL, helping to keep their pool sparkling clean, reducing energy costs, and

  • supplementing filter times.
  • Our long-time customers at Boston University love their Dolphin 200XL, also giving it a big thumbs up, and were quick to recommend it to others looking to maintain their own commercial pools.

And if all this wasn’t enough to convince you, keep in mind that the unit comes with a 3-year/3,000 hour warranty, not to mention that E-Z Test Pool Supplies is a fully authorized repair and service center as well.

So there you have it. If you maintain a commercial pool, the Dolphin Wave 200XL could be a key weapon in your arsenal to keep your commercial pool clean, clear and healthy. We know you won’t regret owning one once you’ve used it!

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