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Small Fiberglass Pools

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Small fiberglass pools help to maximize tight spaces and reduce costs. They allow you to focus on that one thing that you really want…a pool in your own backyard.

It’s typical to classify a small pool up to 26’ long and around 12’ to 13’ feet wide. Medium fiberglass pools come in up to 36’ long by 14’ wide. These types of pools don’t get much bigger than 16’ wide and 40’ feet long as they are transported to backyards via truck with a trailer. Fiberglass pools are completely installed in as little as 15 to 20 days making them attractive to many pool customers.

If you’re considering the shape of a small sized fiberglass pool, think about the space that you have available to work with. Fiberglass pools come in either a linear shape or a freeform design. A freeform pool has walls that are curved, while a pool that is linear provides for the maximum amount of pool within that same space. If you are thinking about integrating your pool into a small backyard landscape complete with decking, tables, and chairs, then those curved spaces may provide that extra room you desire.

After the initial purchasing and installation costs of the pool itself, there’s also the cost of ownership over time. Factors and costs to consider are chemicals (less water to treat), power consumption, equipment, accessories, cleaning (less pool surface to clean), and your own time that you’ll need to dedicate to upkeep and maintaining. A small sized fiberglass pool will cost less to purchase and install and you’ll also see a reduced cost of ownership over time when compared to a larger one of the same type.

Deciding on a small pool doesn’t mean forfeiting the fun, enjoyment, and socialization aspects in any way. A smaller sized fiberglass pool provides more space than a spa or a hot tub while retaining a sense of intimacy with family and friends or during parties and gatherings. Small pools still have large features and include things like bench seats and tanning ledges, eliminating the need to stand or actively swim.

Just because you’ve elected to go with a smaller sized pool, there’s still plenty of room for add-ins like: an auto cover, deck jets, cascades, mood lighting, salt water chlorinators decking, hardscapes and more. Do you want your small pool to be functional all year round? How about a pool party on New Year’s Eve or a quick dip before watching the Super Bowl? Select a heat pump and/or an auto cover and you can make these things happen.

Our Top 10 Best-Selling Fiberglass Pools in New England broken down by size are as follows:

Small: ArielSiriusPicassoHubble

Medium: PolarisGeminiCalypso

Large: AtlasGravitySynergy

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we are your trusted fiberglass pool advisors. We would be happy to answer any questions and get the pool conversation started today.

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