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2023 Pool Resolutions

Published by Brooke Sardella on 01/03/2023

2023 Pool Resolutions

Keep Up On Cleaning

Having clean, clear, healthy water is the first step to having a great pool season in 2023! Where you may have slacked on cleaning and balancing your water, this year you can make amends! Remember to routinely test your water, so it can maintain proper chemistry. That is your first line of defense against bigger problems later in the season!

In 2023, you could try natural minerals or a salt chlorinating system to have even silkier, softer water that you and your guests will really enjoy swimming in!

Stay Organized

Keeping your supplies organized and the pool area free of clutter makes life easier for you and safer for swimmers! Nobody wants to trip on toys and hoses and end up taking an unexpected swim! We have ways you can easily clear up the pool deck here!

Focus On Fitness

You’ve probably heard that swimming is a full body workout and it is true! Swimming is a great way to work cardio and light weight resistance into your daily routine. Being in and around water is also known to relive stress with the great effects of hydrotherapy!

We know life can get busy, but make a new years pool resolution to get in the pool more often and you won’t regret it!

Lighten Up

We mean this literally and figuratively! It's hard to stay down when your floating around in the sun! When the sun goes down, keep the mood light with some lighting to take your pool time hours after dark.

There are simple lighting options that barley need any installation at all, or your can go all in for some beautiful mood lighting you can find here!

Have More Fun!

The best pool season is the one that is the most fun! Keep up the childlike fun and play with some great toys and floats you and your loved ones can enjoy by the pool! Our top 3 customer’s favorite toys of 2022 were:

Intex 42 "Jumbo Beach Ball Pool, 59065EP

Swimline Giant Inflatable Pool Basketball Game, 90285

Solstice Chill Chair Floating Lounger 15160CC

Another year has passed, but there is so much to explore and fun to have in 2023! We hope you continue to have a great time by your pool and spa and we look forward to seeing you soon!