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3 Top-Selling Residential Pool Cleaners From Aqua Products

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/07/2020

3 Top-Selling Residential Pool Cleaners From Aqua Products

The Pura 4XT, Rapids 4WD, and Rapids 1500 are residential inground robotic pool cleaners that are available at three different price points. All three are no match for dirt, debris, and pool contaminants. And the best part? All of these robots have full 2-year bumper to bumper warranties.

Aquabot Pura 4XT Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner - AJET1234XT ($349)

Aquabot Pura 4XT

The Pura 4XT has an innovative design allowing for maximum maneuverability through your pool. For use with above ground pools in a residential setting, the robot tackles all pool sizes and shapes and utilizes the HydroRobotic Technology for the ultimate cleaning experience. The 4XT brushes, vacuums, and micro-filters all of the lousy dirt, pesky debris, and bothersome contaminants out of your pool contributing to crystal clear water. The 4XT brings some of the quickest and most optimal pool cleaning ability available on the modern market.

Starting with a sleek design that helps with the vehicle’s maneuverability the robot has fixed brushes working to loosen things such as algae, dirt, and pool film which then gets sucked up into the robot for removal. The 4XT features the “Never Stuck System” that filters 80 gallons of pool water per minute down to an incredible two microns. This robot creates a healthier swimming environment with a decreased need for pool chemical use and a decreased need to worry about the status of the pool.

The robot has an axle pin that prevents power cord tangling so there is never a break in cleaning performance. This, when combined with its power supply produce consistent and accurate pool cleanings as the supply is programmable with 1- & 2-hour settings and can be used with an external timer.

The 4XT has an Easy Clean Top Access Filter Basket, a 40’ Power Cable, dimensions of 21” X 19” X 18”, a shipping weight of 31 lbs., and a 2 Year Full Warranty.

Aqua Products Rapids 4WD Robotic Cleaner ($659) - (ARAPID4WD)

Aqua Products Rapids 4WD

The Rapids 4WD truly is 4WD power. The drive powers all 4 wheels and a rotating brush located underneath the cleaner itself. This brush can be removed for easy maintenance and makes quick work of stubborn dirt and debris. It’s designed for use with residential inground pools of any shape like rectangle, kidney, L-shape, or anything else. The robot handles the walls and floor of the pool using the AquaSmart Gyro Technology to clean efficiently and reduce cable tangling. It also has the Super Grip PVA tires for superior wall climbing.

It’s designed for pools of all shapes and sizes and completes most cleaning jobs in under 3 hours. The robot features two filter baskets that are accessed from the top of the robot which allows emptying to occur between cleaning cycles and to be completed with ease. These baskets are oversized which also cuts down on the times the machine needs to be emptied. The Rapids 4WD has great filtration all of the way down to 2 microns. This filtering helps you save up to 30% on your total chemical usage (actual savings rates may vary based on cleaner type, pool size and usage).

Coming with the Rapids 4WD robot are the following items: Power supply, two filter baskets, 60’ cable, and a cleaner head. It’s compatible with an external timer and has a 3-hour cleaning cycle timer. The robot filters 70 gallons of water per minute and are engineered with the *strongest pumps and finest filtration in the industry. Their cleaning cycles only cost about 5 cents per hour and in return save you all of the way up to 40% on your pool electric usage. This robot also includes a 2 Year bumper to bumper full warranty.

Aquabot Rapids 1500 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner ($789) - (ARAPID1500)

Aquabot Rapids 1500

The Rapids 1500 is specially designed to clean residential inground pools of all sizes, shapes, and surfaces.

It brushes, vacuums, and micro-filters dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the floor of the pool, the walls, and the waterline all in an automatic and synchronized fashion all while keeping its own cord from tangling.

This robot comes with the AquaSmart Gyro System which is an intelligent computer program aiding the robot in efficiently cleaning and standard residential size pool in approximately 2 hours. This program is installed in the brain of the cleaner and allows it to work in a systemized fashion that doesn’t waste time. Also coming standard is the Aqua Brush Clean System which is a patented vibrating brush at the bottom of the unit which increases its efficiency.

The Rapids 1500 delivers amazing scrubbing abilities that agitate dirt and debris allowing for a deeper and a more thorough cleaning. Superior Grip brushes provide superior wall climbing as well. Included are timer settings for 1, 1.5 or 2 hours shut off as well as a dirty filter indicator. The machine is top loading, has a 60’ cable, uses a fine filter basket and includes a caddy cart. There's also a full 2-year bumper to bumper warranty.

In Conclusion

Using a robotic cleaner such as these Aquabot models, removes all foreign materials from your swimming pool thereby reducing the strain on your pool’s filter system. This leads to less backwashing and adds up to meaningful savings on power, chemicals, energy, and time.