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5 Steps To Change D.E. Filter Grids

Published by Makayla Ruth on 03/09/2022

5 Steps To Change D.E. Filter Grids

5 Steps To Change DE Filter Grids

A D.E. filter is responsible for making sure that dirt and particles are absorbed through the pool filter then sifted out using the skimmer box.

In this article, we will go over the steps to change your D.E. filter together.

Materials Needed:

  • ½” Wrench

Step 1: Open the D.E. Filter

  • Make sure that the pump is turned off

Step 2: Remove Grid Assembly

Step 3: Disassemble Grid Assembly And Remove Old Grids

  • Start with a ½” Wrench. Remove nut + washer, then set them aside.
  • Flip the unit upside down and remove the threaded rod.
  • Pull grids straight up and out, and inspect the manifold for any possible holes or tears.

Step 4: Reassemble With New Grids

  • Make sure grids line up with slots on the manifold.

Step 5: Reinstall Grid Assembly

  • Place the grid assembly carefully back into the tank.

Once that is done, it is recommended to add D.E. powder into the skimmer. Be sure to repeat this process every three months or so to ensure a healthy and happy swim environment for your pool!

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How to Change the Grids on a DE Filter in 6 Minutes.mp4 from E-Z Test Pool Supplies on Vimeo.